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Semex researchers have developed this pooled semen product combining three high fertility sires into one powerful "cocktail." Each "cocktail" is a high fertility package that provides proven genetics to fit producer's specific needs. Each sire has been chosen after careful evaluation for semen quality and nonreturn rates by Semex laboratory and genetic staff.

Repromix XXVII - Maternal

WLB Lego 83T 90X, Saskvalley Yesterday 116Y, DVE Davidson PLD Dan 14Z

Repromix XXVII - Terminal

Winn Mans Big Rig 639Y, WZRK Doublewide 8055Y, Double Bar D Rolex 267X

Repromix XXXIV - Black Angus

Soo Line Grizzley 9034, Peak Dot Iron Mountain 654X, S A V Copyright 0194

Repromix XXIII - Red Angus

Red Bar-E-L Touch Down 100T, Red Champlain Serenade 2513P and Red Lazy MC Honky Tonk 11X

Repromix XXV - Black Angus

S A V Copyright 0194, Peak Dot Mountain Top 940X and Peak Dot Iron Mountain 654X