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Semex Line-Up Deepens With New, High-Ranking Oman Son

Debuting at #20 TPI, 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold is built to deliver results to Semex customers at +1431 PTAM, over 100 lbs combined fat and protein, +628 NM$ and desirable production. All this with pleasing, functional type that's built to last at +1.74 PTAT, +1.80 UDC and +1.18 FLC with low 2.84 SCS, +3.70 PL and easy calving at 5% CE makes Manifold a bull for dairymen everywhere.

With multiple Oman sons peppering the Top TPI listings, Manifold offers Semex customers an extremely balanced proof, backed by a deep pedigree and solid field approval.

Manifold's dam is VG-88-3YR-USA BW Marshall with over 141,000 lbs lifetime, then an EX-90-USA GMD with over 240,000 lbs lifetime and six more VG and EX dams.

"The Manifold daughters are really good commercial cows," says Michelle Nelson, Semex West Coast Premier™ Consultant. "They are medium sized, strong cows with good depth of rib and nice width in their rumps. Manifolds are extremely youthful in their udder attachments; their fore udders blend smoothly with nice veination and they show great height and width to their rear udders, walking on strong pasterns that easily get them to and from the feedbunk and parlors."

Working together with the USA dairyman, Semex's Premier™ Young Sire Program selects sires for profitability, durability and longevity from superior maternal lines. These bloodlines have demonstrated tremendous production and functional type. Manifold is just one of the many Semex Premier™ Young Sires returned to service and in high demand worldwide, assuring our customers that Premier™ Young Sires are the best value in the industry.