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New Release Omanny & August Graduate Manifold Top LPI & TPI Rankings

noneSemex is known for valuable breeding decisions. In January 2010 Semex added another high-powered O Man son to its line-up. Exhibiting true diversification in its young sire program this new, high-ranking O Man son debuts at #9 on the LPI list, joining his stablemate and paternal brother 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold VG-CAN who continues to impress in the USA, ranking #11 on the TPI listing.

This new, hot sire is 0200HO00422 Morsan Omanny VG-CAN, an O Man from a VG-85-2YR-CAN 2* Allen, then a VG-86-2YR-CAN Rudolph with a Superior Lactation Award and four more VG dams. Like his brother Manifold, Omanny delivers the durable, functional cows that equal long-lasting production and profitability for dairymen, making him a sire of long-lasting cows and a Semex Health$mart™ sire.

"As a high fertility Semex Repromax™ sire, Omanny will be able to positively influence reproduction for his users. With 110 for Herd Life and 104 for Calving Ability we can quickly tell why he was able to rank as high as he has on the LPI ratings at +2109," says Mike West, Semex Sire Analyst & Product Support Specialist. "At +8 for Conformation Omanny is able to sire balance and functionality of all traits. An excellent foot structure, wide chests, correct rump structures and a nice improvement on mammary systems, combined with his positive fat and protein deviations this is a sire that can produce the modern and productive kind. Longevity and profitability from balance and correctness, Omanny is the type of sire that will influence the breed for generations."

Omanny will please USA breeders as well posting an impressive +4.90 Productive Life with solid type scores of +1.21 PTAT, +1.09 UDC and +1.05 FLC with an overall +1983 for TPI. Look for Omanny to rise to the top of the International TPI Rankings very soon in the April proof round.

USA proven Semex Premier™ graduate 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold VG-CAN is quickly becoming one of the most popular O Man sons worldwide. As a high fertility Repromax™ sire and Health$mart™ sire, dairymen worldwide are appreciating Manifold's extremely balanced proof, deep pedigree and solid field approval. Additionally, his ability to deliver great milk production at +1175 PTAM with 5% Calving Ease, 2.84 SCS and +3.50 PL make him appealing anywhere good cattle are found.

“There's lots to appreciate about these cows,” says Nick Sarbacker, Semex USA Premier™ Consultant. “They are very functional, durable cows with strong loins, well-attached, shallow udders with good functional traits.”

Working together with the USA dairyman, Semex’s Premier™ Young Sire Program selects sires for profitability, durability and longevity from superior maternal lines.  These bloodlines have demonstrated tremendous production and functional type.  Manifold is just one of the many Semex Premier™ Young Sires returned to service and in high demand worldwide, assuring our customers that Premier™ Young Sires are the best value in the industry.