Semex Jerseys Climb LPI In January Proofs

Harley Nicholson, Semex Alliance Jersey Program Manager

Despite the rollback of 91 points of LPI, 35 kg Milk, 1.3 kg Fat, 1.5 kg Protein and .41 point in Conformation, proven Semex Jersey sires continued strong during the January 2010 genetic evaluations in Canada. Semex is home to 13 of the top 20 LPI sires, with six being in the top 10!

noneReturning to the #1 LPI position for the ninth time in the last 13 summaries is the Renaissance grandson and Semex Master Series™ sire, 0200JE00314 Hollylane Lilibet's Legacy. This Semex high fertility Repromax™ sire added 47 production tested second crop daughters, arriving 200 points over his nearest competitor at +1713 LPI.

Another Repromax™ sire and August 2009 graduate, 0200JE00430 Lencrest On Time, added 15 production tested daughters and 19 classified daughters, settling into the breed's #2 LPI position at +1492. He remains among the breed's leading sires for overall Conformation and Protein Yield, being tied for fifth position for Conformation at +9, and tied for the sixth position for Protein Yield at +46 kg.

On Time's older brother, 0200JE00423 Lencrest Blackstone, gained 23 LPI points thanks to the solid performance of his second lactation daughters. A Repromax™ sire, Blackstone now boasts a +1206 LPI, moving up among the breed's top 10 sires to the #7 position.

Adding 13 classified daughters to his summary, Semex type specialist and Designer Series™ sire 0200JE00427 Select Scott Minister catapulted to the breed's top position for Conformation at +13. Minister gained another 105 points, and secured a spot among the breed's top 20 sires at +886 for LPI. Minister's popularity continues to grow, as he's known not only as a high type sire, but also as a high fertility Repromax™ sire.

0200JE00946 Sunset Canyon Dice, a progeny test graduate from August 2009, added six new production tested and classified daughters to give him the #5 post in LPI at +1455. He also is the #2 Fat Yield sire in the breed at +67 kg.

An early 2009 Semex progeny test graduate, 0200JE00970 Molly Brook Flow gained 84 LPI points to arrive at +1186, and the breed's ninth position. This high production Khan Morgan son is #4 for Protein Yield at 48 kg and is #7 for Fat Yield at +57 kg.

Newly proven lower reliability sires on the radar for the April evaluation include one of the first sons of O. F. Barber Rocket sons to be progeny tested in Canada, 0200JE00026 Sunset Canyon Levon. Levon secured a +948 LPI, ranking #17 overall and debuting as a Repromax™ sire. An early Laser son, 0200JE00426 Scottiere Karma, debuted at +830 LPI (#24 in the breed) making him another individual worth watching in future evaluations.