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Semex Daughter Outside Roz is the Holstein Breed's Newest EX-95-USA Cow

The Holstein Breed's newest EX-95-USA cow is Whittier-Farms Outside Roz. Bred and owned by Whittier Farms of West Sutton, MA, USA, Roz is sired by Semex's famous Comestar Outside from an EX-93-2E-USA James followed by an EX-91 Leader. Selected as 1st 4-year-old and HM Sr. Champion of the 2007 NY Spring Show, Roz combines show ring success with a CTPI of +1867 and an impressive 4-08 365d 37,900 3.8 1452 3.2 1229 lb record.

Roz is just one of 14 Semex sired daughters to score EX-95 or higher in the past 12 months. Semex sires represent 33% of all those reaching EX-95 or higher status in the USA in the past 12 months. Equally impressive, these 14 daughters are sired by eight different Semex sires!

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