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Semex New Release Sires On Youtube

If you're looking to see more on Semex sires, check out our Youtube channel by clicking here to see new videos on daughters of the following sires: 0200HO06013 Ralma Carribean (Baxter x Goldwyn) 0200HO00560 Monument Impression (Socrates x Potter) 0200HO06027 Delaberge Democracy *RDC (Mr Burns *RDC x Shottle) 0200HO03685 Greenlea Artie Red (Mr Burns *RDC x Regiment Apple's full sister) 0200HO06003 Regan ALH Diplomat *RDC (Mr Burns *RDC x Oman)  0200HO05979 Claynook Tennessee *RDC (Mr Burns*RDC x Goldwyn) 0200HO06060 Sandy-Valley Artistic (Planet x Outside) 0200HO02455 Sandy Valley Colbrick (Colby x Titanic) 0200JE00463 Gillard Pancho (Legacy x Centurion) 0200JE00153 Glenholme Affirmation (Iatola x Saturn) These videos not only showcase daughters of these sires, but they also show the value each one can bring to your breeding program. These sires represent our Genetics for Life™ philosophy and are identified as Genomax™ graduates, Repromax™, HealthSmart™, Calving Ease™, Red & White™, Show Time™ and Robot Ready™ sires. To learn more about Semex, these exciting sires, our brands or Genetics for Life visit www.semex.com