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Semex Lineup Continues To Diversify With August Proofs

At Semex, we’re committed to delivering you profitable results. Working with you and listening to your needs directs us, ensuring that our line-up is the most diverse and profitable in the industry. Semex has you covered whether you are looking for outcross bloodlines, newly released daughter proven sires, extremely fertile sires or high reliability second crop sires. And, if you are looking for leading genomic young sires, Semex is certainly where you want to be doing business, as five of the Holstein USA official top 10 TPI Genomic Young sires call Semex home! And, that is Genetics for Life.  High fertility Repromax sires provide immediate results that increase your dairy’s reproductive performance and profitability. As the world’s only international fertility evaluation, Repromax sires offer higher non-return rates and conception rates. Joining this group of fertility leaders following the August evaluations are:   0200HO00578    DE-SU JOCKEY  (Stol Joc x O Man) 0200HO06083    FAVREAUTIERE GAG  (Socrates x Toystory) 0200HO07412    HFK HUMOROUS  (Baxter x Boliver) 0200HO06036    LA PRESENTATION KAMIK  (Baxter x Buckeye) 0200HO02561    SANDY-VALLEY DANON  (Socrates x Shottle) 0200HO02549    SANDY-VALLEY SPARROW  (Planet x Shottle) 0200HO06053    VALLEYVILLE MUSKETEER  (Bonair x Goldwyn)   0200JE00352     HOMETOWN ON THE MONEY  (On Time x Counciller) 0200JE00460     LOUISAND ELVIS  (Biestar x Sambo)       0200JE00466     MOLLY BROOK JARGON  (Blackstone x Fleet)       0200JE00154     PAULLOR CONTENDER  (Connection x By Whom) 0200JE00156     SPRUCE AVENUE FIDELITY  (Legion x Centurion)  Semex’s HealthSmart sires produce quality daughters that are healthier, more fertile and last longer. This means lower costs and additional profitability to the dairy. Semex’s HealthSmart sires including 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold and 0200HO05929 Gen-I-Beq Brawler are proven to sire desirable, healthy cows. New to this roster following the August evaluations are:       0200HO06050    BLUENOSE RISINGSTAR  (Stol Joc x Shottle) 0200HO00577    DE-SU AUTHOR (Stol Joc x O Man)         0200HO00578    DE-SU JOCKEY (Stol Joc x O Man)          0200HO06083    FAVREAUTIERE GAG (Socrates x Toystory) 0200HO07413    HFK HEAVY  (Baxter x O Man) 0200HO06036    LA PRESENTATION KAMIK  (Baxter x Buckeye) 0200HO00593    ROYLANE REFLECT  (Socrates x O Man) 0200HO02561    SANDY-VALLEY DANON  (Socrates x Shottle)      0200HO06053    VALLEYVILLE MUSKETEER  (Bonair x Goldwyn)   0200JE00150     GABYS SHOWTIME BALTIMORE (Showtime x Lemvig) Genomax sires are the youngest and brightest genomic sires available anywhere in the world. Rigorous selection standards ensures that these bulls are the industry’s finest genomic stars. Our Genomax line-up is envied worldwide and includes young bulls that have become household names including 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno. New to this line-up in August are:    0200AY00350     DES COTEAUX WARNER​ 0200AY00351     FOREVER SCHOON EXTRA 0200AY00724     LA SAPINIERE DINALISTAR 0200AY00744     LABRIE THOR​   0200BS00121     HOLYLAND TOUGHER   0200GU00120    LINDRIAN PYTHON​   0200JE00217     RIVER VALLEY LAST ANTHEM 0200JE00227     ROYALTY RIDGE FIREPOWER 0200JE00910     DUTCH HOLLOW CLEARVISION 0200JE00066     THREE VALLEYS CHIEF   ​0200HO07625    ALL. NURE STARBLUE 0200HO03907    ALPHAGEN BIGSHOT 0200HO03908    ALPHAGEN EINSTEIN 0200HO07738    AMIGHETTI DANTE 0200HO06517    AMITIES LOVERMAN 0200HO06523    BEAUCOISE ROCKING 0200HO02939    BENNER BARMAN 0200HO02853    BENNER JAETYN 0200HO06485    BERGITTE HATLEY 0200HO06348    BLUENOSE T BONE 0200HO03894    BOLDI ELECT 0200HO03895    BOLDI VSG AIRINTAKE 0200HO06446    BOSSIDE VETERAN P-RED 0200HO06487    CANGEN THINK RED 0200HO03695    CHARTOISE SATISFACTION 0200HO02933    CLAYNOOK DANFORTH 0200HO02934    CLAYNOOK DECIPHER 0200HO02885    CLAYNOOK DECISION 0200HO02886    CLAYNOOK DUNBAR 0200HO03911    COMESTAR SUPERSEDE 0200HO07456    COUEDIC FASCICULE 0200HO03877    COYNE-FARMS JABIR 0200HO02879    CREEK DORIAN 0200HO06528    DE-SU NOMINEE 0200HO06525    DELABERGE DOLLOWAY 0200HO07463    DENMIRE MACOMBER 0200HO06531    FARNEAR LET IT BE 0200HO06532    FARNEAR-BH EACH ONE 0200HO03879    FLAT-TOP-VUE SPENCER 0200HO07618    FRATI SELVO 0200HO07619    FRATI SERBO 0200HO03900    GILLETTE JUSTWAY 0200HO03880    GLEN-TOCTIN LISTENER 0200HO02716    HEATHERSTONE-V MOZART 0200HO07465    HOLBRA NIPAN 0200HO06534    KELLERCREST LANCOME 0200HO06535    KHW AXFORD-RED 0200HO03855    LADYS-MANOR SAVIOR 0200HO06537    LEXVOLD TEDDY 0200HO06393    LOOKOUT P EMBASSY 0200HO07496    MARS CAPACITY 0200HO02928    MISTY SPRINGS BLACKBERRY 0200HO02899    MR CHARTROISE ENDLESS 0200HO06515    PARILE LEXINGTON 0200HO03936    PINE-TREE OVERTIME P 0200HO02662    PLAYBALL BELLMARK 0200HO02938    ROCKYMOUNTAIN LOCHINVAR 0200HO06544    RUGG-DOC CALLER 0200HO02910    SANDY-VALLEY LIMITLESS 0200HO02942    SILVERRIDGE ALBUM 0200HO07498    SOUTHLAND DELLODE 0200HO02915    STANTONS ALL IN ONE 0200HO02920    STANTONS CAMPUS 0200HO06461    SULLY HARTFORD MIRROR 0200HO03927    SWISSBEC BREKEM 0200HO02798    TWIN-B-DAIRY BUCKWHEAT 0200HO06506    VAL-BISSON LUTHIER 0200HO02911    VATLAND MAGNUM 0200HO03905    VELTHUIS ANTWERD 0200HO03892    VELTHUIS BUILDER 0200HO03893    VELTHUIS SG ATHENS 0200HO06381    VINBERT BRANDY For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Repromax, Genomax or HealthSmart sires visit www.semex.com