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Semex Genomax Bulls Top The Charts

Genetics for Life is about delivering the best possible product to Semex’s clients. With only one in seven bulls entering stud qualifying for this elite program, the results in the latest genetic evaluation are obvious with five of Holstein USA’s top 10 TPI™ Genomic Young Sires belonging to stud code 200! These and more great Genomax sires are all available from Semex today, and customers putting them to work in their herds are reaping the rewards these bulls offer…. Maximum genetic gain and profitability: #2 GTPI: 0200HO03877 Coyne-Farms Jabir 99%-I (Facebook x Freddie) HealthSmart™ and Robot Ready™ +2531 GTPI, +920 NM$, +5.8 PL, 2.55 SCS, +2.63 PTAT, +2.8 DPR and 6.7% CE #3 GTPI: 0200HO03878 Coyne-Farms Jetset 99%-I (Facebook x Freddie) HealthSmart and Robot Ready +2501 GTPI, +915 NM$, +6.1 PL, 2.58 SCS, +2.36 PTAT, +2.3 DPR and 5.5% CE #4 GTPI: 0200HO06528 De-Su Nominee 99%-I (Numero Uno x Massey) Immunity+™ and HealthSmart +2487 GTPI, +885 NM$, +5.6 PL, 2.58 SCS, +2.37 PTAT, +2.3 DPR and 7.3% CE #9 GTPI 0200HO06534 Kellercrest Lancome (Epic x Man-O-Man) HealthSmart +2463 GTPI, +808 NM$, +5.3 PL, 2.73 SCS, +3.18 PTAT, +1.3 DPR and 6.9% CE #10 GTPI 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno (Man-O-Man x Shottle) Immunity+ and HealthSmart +2462 GTPI, +850 NM$, +6.3 PL, 2.61 SCS, +2.92 PTAT, +2.1 DPR and 7.9% CE Semex’s rigorous and dedicated selection process for the Genomax lineup has netted some of the most desirable progeny proven bulls in the world. For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life or the industry leading Genomax sires visit www.semex.com