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Global Power

World renown for delivering high quality bovine genetics, Semex has been solving problems and satisfying producers through its distributor network for over 35 years. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with their clients, Semex's staff is the best trained in the industry, offering profitable genetic solutions for producers worldwide. With a successful history as its foundation, Semex is committed to ensuring success for its clients, owners, employees and partners for generations to come.

  • 1st Canadian export made in 1959
  • Semex Canada formed in 1973 as international marketing arm for Canadian A.I. units
  • Semex Alliance formed in 1997
  • Global Housing Facilities with over 1,600 Bulls on 5 Continents
  • 110 Distributors in 80 Countries
  • 1,800 Semex Employees Worldwide
  • Owned by 3 Canadian Partners, Each with 60+ Years Experience
  • 35+ Years Marketing Semen to Meet Global Demand
  • Recipient of Canada Export Award
  • Extensive Internal Reproductive, Embryo & Semen Technology R&D Centre - L'Alliance Boviteq
  • Complete line up of dairy and beef genetics and comprehensive embryo export program
  • State of the Art Distribution Center
  • Millions of Doses Exported Each Year
  • Sires of note: Aerostar, Rudolph, Lee, Leader, Aeroline, Inspiration, Morty, Outside, Lheros, Talent & Buckeye - each have produced 1 million doses of semen in their lifetime.