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Canadian Red Angus Fall 2013 EPDs Now Online

Semex is happy to announce that the new Fall 2013 EPDs are now online for all Red Angus sires. The Canadian Angus Associaiton recently released the new numbers and below are some of the Semex sire highlights:

Red Badlands Capacity 37W - Top 1% for WW, YW, TM and CW!

Red Bar-E-L Touch Down 100T - Growth, power and performance, he is ranked at the top of the breed for WW, YW, CW and Fat.

Red Champlain Serenade 2513P - Still a breed leader for calving ease predictability, he posts an amazing -5.3 BW EPD.

Red Gold-Bar Unique JW 1113U - Continues to show exceptional balance with powerful growth, maternal and carcass strength.

Red Lazy MC CC Cut Above 102Y - Showcases a great balance of growth, maternal power and carcass value.

Red RRAR Palermo 20Y - -4.6 BW EPD combined with a 11.0 CE EPD, he provides breeders with a reliable calving ease option.

Red Ter-Ron Full Blast 120T - Top 3% for YG, top 6% for REA and top 5% for Fat, he provides exceptional carcass value to his calves.

TNTs Profit Margin X203 - Breed leading growth combined with exceptional muscle and carcass value.

Click here to view all the new Fall 2013 Red Angus EPDs.