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Canadian Simmental Fall 2013 EPDs Now Online

The Canadian Simmental Association recently released the Fall 2013 EPDs, and Semex is happy to announce they are now available online. Click here to check out all the new numbers, or browse through our Fall 2013 highlights below:

ACS Red Boomer 659S - provides breeders with proven calving ease predictability, top 1% for CE and top 3% for BW!

Alliance Polled Warrior - polled, powerful and tonnes of maternal strength all in a well balanced and stylish package.

BLCC MR Renegade 183X - exceptional growth wiht breed leading maternal strength. Top 2% for MWW and top 3% for MILK.

Bar 5 FF Reload 1209Y - provides an outstanding balance of calving ease, growth, muscle and maternal strength. Top 3% for MILK.

Bar 5 SA Harrach 801P - amazing set of numbers with proven reliability.

Bar 5 SA Hemisphere 411R - Top 10% for CW and Fat!

Buschbeck Empire 9232W - leads of the breed for WW, YW, MWW and CW!

Champs Bravo - growth, musckle, maternal strength and carcass value all in a polled package.

Cherry Creek Nygard 1U - his dam's maternal strength is showing through, ranked in the top 15% for MWW and top 4% for MILK.

Crossroad Charger 131X - more maternal power, wiht a 70.6 MWW EPD and a 37.1 MILK EPD.

Double Bar D Rolex 267X - ranks at the top of the breed for MILK, SC, REA and FAT.

FGAF Rebel 857Y - maternal power bred well into his pedigree, he ranks at the top of the breed for MILK with an incredible 43.1 EPD!

IPU Romano 115X - power packed performance with an 81.8 WW EPD and 117.6 YW EPD.

KOP Agassiz 31S - great carcass strength with a 35.4 CW EPD, 0.65 REA EPD and a -0.096 FAT EPD.

LHVS Commander 59X - growth and maternal strength all wrapped in a well pigmented package.

LRX HP Rocket 23Y - the complete package with calving ease, growth, maternal and carcass value.

LRX Major 112Y - top of the breed for WW, YW, MCE, MWW, MILK, CW and FAT.

PHS Polled Worldwide 14W - Top 1% for MILK and FAT, Top 2% for SC and MWW.

SVS Red Hot 6X - powerful performance he posts an impressive 75.7 WW EPD and 118.1 YW EPD.

Xcel Ebony's Influence - proven calving ease, muscle and show stopping style!