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Spring 2014 Simmental EPD Highlights

More Spring 2014 EPDs continue to roll out! Both the Canadian and American Simmental Associations have posted their new Sring 2014 EPDs and all the new numbers can now be found on the Semex Beef website. Below is just a quick glance at some of the Semex sire highlights from this EPD round:

ACS Red Boomer 659S - posted a phenomenal 14.3 CE EPD and a -1.1 BW EPD, both with added reliability and accuracy.

BBS Mutombo U204 - performance and power, he ranks at the top of the breed for WW, YW, MWWT, DOC, CW and BF. Limited inventory, so get him before he's gone!

Bar 5 FF Reload 1209Y - posted a new BW EPD of 1.6, ranking him in the top 3% of the breed.

Bar 5 Globetrotter Zurita - breed leading maternal strength, he ranks in the top 3% of the breed for MWWT and the top 1% for MILK!

Bar 5 PFF Evron 1213X - tonnes of maternal strength and power!

Buschbeck Empire 9232W - breed leader straight across the board... top 2% WW, top 3% CW, top 4% MWW, top 10% YW!

CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z - top 1% for MARB and top 2% for both WW and YW. Coming soon!

Champs Bravo - top 1% for CE and BW, with the added combination of breed leading maternal and carcass strength.

Erixon Pit Boss 21Z - power packed with tonnes of performance, he leads off the breed for WW, YW and CW.

FGAF Rebel 857Y - a great balance of growth, muscle, maternal strength and moderate birth weight.

IPU Romano 115X - an amazing set of numbers ranks him at the top of the breed for WW, YW, MWWT, MILK, CE and FAT!

LHVS Commander 59X - a great set of maternal numbers with a 67.6 MWWT EPD and 32.8 MILK EPD.

LRX HP Rocket 23Y - great balance of calving ease, growth, maternal, muscle and carcass strength.

LRX Major 112Y - another well balanced sire that provides breed topping performance, maternal strength and muscle.

Mr Ishee Red Deepquarter - growth, maternal and muscle all in a well balanced package.

Mr Ishee Superstout 014 - breed leader for WW, YW, MWWT, CE and REA!

PHS Polled Worldwide 14W - top 1% of teh breed for MWWT, MILK and FAT.

Prostock Hugo 7052T - a great balance of calving ease, growth, and muscle.

SVS Red Hot 6X - power and performance with breed topping growth.

TNT Bootlegger Z268 - breed leader for performance and growth!

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