Solutions Working For You

Targeting fertility, Calving ease, Performance and carcass quality to build a profitable herd


Sires that will add performance and increase profitability

Beef Yield

Delivers dairy producers a product that is a combination of Calving ease, high REA and good growth


Sires that excel in a variety of maternal characteristics


High fertility sires with no genetic sacrifices for quality

Carcass Weight

Increased profit from sires who will increase the Carcass weight and volume of product produced per animal


Sires that will increase marbling which increases the quality of meat produced

Gender Options

Put the control of your breeding program in your hands.

Ribeye Area

Sires that will increase the REA in their progeny allowing producers to be more profitable

Calving Ease

Fewer difficult births reducing issues at calving and breeding time


Sires designed to make management in grazing environments as effortless as possible

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