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Congratulations To Semex's Tom Kroetsch!

Tom Kroetsch has been at the helm of Semex’s production laboratories since transferring from EastGen in 2002 to be Semex’s Technical Specialist, working closely with our partner semen laboratories. Since then his work has spanned the globe and taken him to our subsidiary and production facilities worldwide, ensuring Semex’s Gold Standard™ is universal. Semex congratulates Tom on his retirement from his impressive career, as his last day at Semex is today, Friday, March 31.


Tom started working for the Western Breeders Service, a member of Semex Canada's Marketing Group, in White City, Saskatchewan on April 1, 1975 as a lab manager. In the mid-70's most efforts were focused on custom collecting beef bulls. Tom moved to UBI (United Breeders Inc, predecessor of Gencor and EastGen) in 1979. In September 2002, Tom joined Semex as a Technical Specialist working directly with the Semex partner semen production and sire care groups. In about 2005 he took on the role of Director, Production and Quality Control, followed in 2012 with his current role as Director, Laboratory and Quality Control within Semex's HPD (Operations) division.


Tom comments, "One of my most rewarding, exciting and high-pressure experiences was being part of the production operations at our facilities in Brazil, China and Hungary. In the mid-90's Semex moved towards global production, with a joint venture in Hungary that became 100% Semex-owned in 2004. This centre houses our EU-sourced sires, with its production being exportable to North America and other countries. I have been working with this centre since 1997, focused on semen quality, production and process improvements.”

Congratulations and thank you from all of us at Semex to Tom Kroetsch!