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Designer Series® Adds Both Progeny Proven Sires & Genomax® Sires From Famous Dams Following April Proofs

noneThe Semex Designer Series™ sires are hand-selected for their ability to sire individuals with Semex’s famous high-type look. These sires are those that transmit head-turning looks as well as longevity and its related increased production and profitability.

New releases to the program include two progeny proven sires:
• 0200HO02106 Stantons Steady (Mr Sam x Convincer x Saturday family)
• 0200HO03491 Ladys-Manor Aurora (Goldwyn x Champion x Aaron)

Genomax™ sires added to the program include 0200HO02554 Duckett-SA Fremont, 0200HO06042 Comestar A New Day and 0200HO76579 Wabash-Way Evolve, each generating a lot of excitement surrounding their April 6, 2010 release. These Genomax™ sires bring star-studded pedigrees to the Designer Series™ line-up.

0200HO02554 Duckett-SA Fremont is the only Goldwyn son of the 2009 WDE Supreme Champion and RWF Res. Grand Champion Harvue Roy Frosty EX-95-5YR-USA. Frosty is widely considered to be one of the finest cows to ever walk the Tanbark and impressed show enthusiasts worldwide with her performance in 2009, gaining the title of 2009 Unanimous All-American & All-Canadian 5 Yr Old as well as being named Holstein World’s People’s Choice Cow. Fremont’s Shottle brother, 0200HO02553 Duckett-SA Federal, will be released in August 2010.

0200HO06042 Comestar A New Day is a Wilcoxview Jasper son from one of Canada’s most prolific maternal lines, the Laurie Sheiks. A New Day’s dam is the VG-89-2YR-CAN, Res. All-Canadian Jr. 2 Yr Old Comestar Lautamie Titanic. Impressive in every way, Lautamie has also stood at the very top of the LPI rankings for years, boasting a +2844 GLPI in the April 2010 genetic evaluation.

0200HO76579 Wabash-Way Evolve is a high-ranking Bolton son of the former #1 CTPI cow Wabash-Way Emilyann VG-88-2YR-USA. From a powerful and elite cow family, Emilyann’s Oman dam, Crockett-Acres Elita VG-87-4YR-USA DOM, is also a former #1 CTPI cow. The maternal line continues with an Mtoto, Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly EX-90-6YR-USA GMD DOM, followed by an EX-90-5YR-USA Rudolph, EX-95-3E-USA GMD DOM Leadman, VG-89-2YR-USA DOM Blackstar and five more VG or EX dams. Evolve’s genomic USDA evaluation numbers are +2214M, +67F, +54P, +545 NM$ and +3.8 PL, 2.93 SCS, +3.03 PTAT with a +2161 GTPI, Evolve ranking him at the very top of the breed.

These Genomax™ Designer Series™ sires are the result of Semex’s Balanced Breeding philosophy, a selection process based on the careful mating of the world’s most popular sires and proven cow families, and are available through Semex’s Genomax™ program.

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