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High Deviation Health$mart® Goldwyn Son Joins Semex Lineup


#11 LPI, 0200HO05584 Fleury Mathys debuts as a sire known to sire tall, strong cows with extremely high fat and protein deviations at +.35%F, +.22%P. His good udders and feet & legs make him a great option for dairymen everywhere.

His dam is a VG-87 5* Emerson with huge records and over 109,900 kgs lifetime! Next dam is VG-88 7* Megabuck, then VG-88 15* Shoremar Lindy Maggie and a VG-86 12* Starbuck and three more VG or EX dams.

Great functional tratis enhance this bull's appeal and make him a Health$mart™ sire, posting a +104 Herd Life, +103 Lact. Persistency, +105 D Fertilty, +108 D Calving Ability and +102 Calving Ability with a combined 107 kgs protein and fat.