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ai24®: Your Eyes, 24 Hours A Day

noneAs summer's heat strikes much of North America, dairymen are looking for ways to ensure they're not missing heats and increasing costly days open.

The Dueppengiessers of western New York installed Semex's ai24™ heat detection system in May 2010 with the goal of increasing pregnancy rates. Since installing, they've realized many other benefits.

“We are able to check on cows before they go off feed and come down with mastitis. When I come in the morning, the system gives an accurate time and list of the cows that are in heat,” says Herdsman Ron Ikeler who has been with the Dueppengiesser Dairy Company for over 14 years, managing employees and dairy cattle care. “There is a place for it on every farm, especially if you would want to either enhance your shot program or take your reproductive program to the next level… ai24™ can do it.”

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