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December 2013 Proofs Now Online At Semex

The December 2013 LPI & TPI proofs are now online on Semex's website at!      

Each proof round gives us the opportunity to share our Genetics for Life commitment to our customers globally. The December genetic evaluation showed that we’re committed to delivering the traits and breeding options to dairymen demand worldwide.

Holstein Highlights:

  • Semex’s #1 Holstein LPI sire: 0200HO00528 Sildahl Jett Air gains 108 points and jumps to the #4 LPI position
  • 0200HO09901 Clayton-Crest Ace (Shottle x Goldwyn x Durham Atlee) graduates as our #1 new release PTAT sire
  • New release 0200HO02600 O-Bee Krusader (Planet x Shottle) graduates as a high type, balanced sire

Jersey Highlights:

  • #6 LPI Jersey LPI: 0200JE00463 Gillard Pancho (Legacy x Centurion)
  • Semex’s #1 New Release Jersey LPI: 0200JE00469 Estran Random  (Legacy x Blackstone)
  • Semex’s #1 new release USA: 0200JE00485 All Lynns Vaughn  (Impuls x Paramount) Genomax
  • Semex’s #2 new release USA: 0200JE00477 Lucky Hill Joker (Blackstone x Legion)

Ayrshire Highlights:

  • Semex’s #1 New Release & #3 LPI Ayrshire sire 0200AY00702 Lessard Jumper (Normandin x Trident)
  • Semex’s # 1 LPI Ayrshire sire 0200AY00687 D’Albanel Marlow moves up 77 LPI points
  • 0200AY00329 Jelyca Oblique moves up 63 LPI points as he adds second crop daughters

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Additional information on these bulls including complete LPI and TPI data is available at