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Semex’s Canadian Embryo Production Centre, Boviteq, located in Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec, is world renown for both its research and bovine embryo work. For decades, producers from coast to coast in Canada and the US have benefited from and looked to Boviteq as their source for reproductive excellence. Now, Semex is proud to announce the accreditation of several satellite OPU (Ovum Pick Up) sites in eastern Canada to compliment the services offered in western Canada by Boviteq West.

“We’re extremely excited about working with beef and dairy clients across the country, assisting them to implement genetic and reproductive activities on their farms,” says Brad Sayles, Semex Vice President Global Marketing. “Boviteq is home to the industry’s very best advancements in reproduction and genetics. Our embryo and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) techniques have been extremely successful for the commercial and purebred breeder alike, and now with this expansion of OPU services, we’re able to serve an even greater customer base.”

Boviteq is working directly with the following veterinarians as well as the McIntosh OPU/Fradon Donor Facility in eastern Canada:

  • Dr. Melvin Crane & Dr. Chris Versteeg, Kensington Veterinary Clinic Ltd., Kensington, PE

  • Dr. Mario Lefort, Services Vétérinaires Mario Lefort inc., Ormstown, QC

  • Dr. Louis Picard, ETE Inc., Québec, QC

  • Dr. Adam Haight, Kirkton Veterinary Clinic, Kirkton, ON

  • Dr. Ken Christie, Dr. Everett Hall & Dr. Tim Henshaw, EastGen, Guelph, ON

  • Dr. Christopher Church, McIntosh OPU/Fradon Donor Facility, Woodstock, ON

Boviteq West, a strong partner of Boviteq in western Canada, supplies producer with the most advanced bovine reproductive development technologies in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

For additional client inquiries in the East please contact Melissa Bowers, Semex Embryo Program Manager at 519-546-8348/ and in the West please contact David Yoxall, Boviteq West IFV Manager at 1-800-657-5613/