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Semex Sires Lead GTPI Rankings In August Summary

Semex’s Genomax program continues to be enviable worldwide, as 200HO is now home to the breed’s #1 and #5 GTPI sires in August 2016! These sires along with new releases and mainstays including Millionaire Sire, 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold who has ranked in the top 100 an impressive 22 consecutive times, spell success for Semex’s Genomax program. August highlights include:

  • December 2015 graduate, 0200HO02792 Sandy-Valley Saloon now ranks as Holstein USA's #1 High Ranking Sire at +2669 GTPI! This increase saw his figures rise to +2749 PTAM, +87 Pro, +96 Fat and +2.84 PTAT, making him the highest PTAT sire in the top 20 and the highest PTAM bull in the top 60. As an A2A2 sire, he's one of the most in-demand sires globally.

  • Ranking as the #5 GTPI sire, 0200HO03859 Sully Munition debuts with a full proof at an impressive +7.8 PL and +2557 GTPI. Also A2A2, Munition is a Repromax™, Calving Ease, Robot Ready™ and HealthSmart™ sire. Dairymen tell us they’re happy with their trouble-free Munitions.

  • The breed's leading *RC sire, 0200HO02828 Dymentholm S Sympatico *RC, increased to +2482 GTPI and +1854 PTAM with low 2.76 SCS, +4.7 PL, ranking as the #17 GTPI sire. Along with his high fertility Repromax status he’s also HealthSmart, Calving Ease, Robot Ready and Red & White, making him even more valuable.

  • Graduating in August are two Facebook sons, 0200HO02875 Teemar Alistair and 0200HO02870 Mr Lookout P Enforcer. Alistair is +2353 GTPI and Enforcer is +2348 GTPI. Alistair is a Calving Ease and Repromax™ sire. Enforcer is a Calving Ease and A2A2 sire.

Semex’s Genomax lineup has over 250 active Holstein sires including 60 over +2600 GTPI, 168 over +2500 GTPI and averages of +648 NM$, 2.79 SCS, +4.8 PL from 60 different sires!  

Topping this list:

  • 0200HO10648 Endco Apprentice *RC (Kingboy x Supersire x Alchemy): #2 Kingboy available in the breed at +2724 GTPI, +840 NM$, +125 CFP, +7.5 PL, 2.71 SCS, +2.1 DPR with solid +2.39 PTAT, +2.11 UDC. Most importantly, he’s an Immunity+™ sire that is also HealthSmart™, RobotReady™ and Red & White. His dam is a VG-85 Supersire x VG-85 Alchemy x EX-95-2E Altitude, the dam of the famous Apple!

  • 0200HO10442 Triplecrown JW Matters (Octoberfest x Moonray): #1 Octoberfest available at +2719 GTPI with +891 NM$, +0.07% Fat, +118 CFP, +8.0 PL, 2.72 SCS and +2.7 DPR. This HealthSmart sire’s dam is a VG-85 Moonray x VG-87 Bookem from nine generations of VG or EX dams.

  • 0200HO10693 Siemers Bloomfield (Delta x Numero Uno): High-ranking Delta son at +2716 GTPI, +838 NM$, +7.1 PL, 2.65 SCS, +3.6 DPR and great +2.46 PTAT, +2.49 UDC with great RUH +4.31 and RUW +3.97. This HealthSmart and Robot Ready sire has a VG-85 Numero Uno dam from EX-94-2E 21* Shottle Bombi!