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Lactanet Canada and Semex Win the Prestigious Innovation in Climate Action Award

Partnerships are very much a part of the Canadian dairy scene that supports dairy farmers and the industry at large. Lactanet Canada and Semex have a long-standing synergy working collaboratively and last night received a prestigious Dairy Innovation Award: “Innovation in Climate Action”, from the International Dairy Federation (IDF).

Nominated by Dairy Farmers of Canada, Lactanet and Semex were recognized during the IDF World Dairy Summit in Chicago, Illinois, for developing Canada’s Methane Efficiency genetic evaluation. This is the world's first official genetic evaluation that helps dairy producers genetically select animals that will contribute to reduced methane emissions from dairy cattle, without impacting production levels.  


“As the dairy sector works together towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, we know the important role research and innovation plays along our shared path,” says David Wiens, President of Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC). “The funding this initiative received from DFC in collaboration with other engaged partners, helped demonstrate the accuracy of predicting individual animal methane emissions. We are excited and honoured to be part of the future of dairy farming, and we thank the IDF Dairy Innovation Awards for recognizing the continuous efforts of dairy farmers in striving for a more sustainable future for everyone.” 

Lactanet’s Methane Efficiency genetic evaluation was launched in April 2023 after 10 years of research and development, led by the University of Guelph, using innovative technologies to evaluate and predict a cow’s methane production. This achievement is a cardinal piece of the dairy industry’s national strategy to reach net zero by 2050.


“Accelerating sustainable and innovative dairy management practices is important to our industry and we all have a role to play,” states Barbara Paquet, Lactanet Board Chair and dairy farmer. “We are proud to accept this joint award that has allowed us to bridge the gap by leveraging our resources and bringing the best of our talents forward to provide a solution to address a complex challenge.”


“Semex is thrilled to accept this award along with our Lactanet partners. By bringing the world’s first Methane Efficiency index to the dairy industry, we are empowering producers worldwide to take immediate, simple, low-cost, and permanent action in reducing their own breeding programs’ methane emissions,” says Paul Larmer, Semex CEO.


Lactanet Canada and Semex extend their congratulations to all other finalists and winners, and thanks the IDF for this award.