Elite Young Sire From Famous Family Joins Semex's Genomax Program

noneSemex has been at the forefront of genomic research since 2003,and has been incorporating genomics into its breeding program to increase both the number and diversity of elite bulls to our clients through our Genomax™ program.

Semex carefully selects the best genomic tested young sires available today. These sires are those that top the rankings, whether you’re looking for LPI or TPI, and are the best for: Net Merit; TPI; LPI; Type; and Calving Ease.

Recently, Semex reached an agreement to market seven sons of the former #1 CTPI cow Wabash-Way Emilyann VG-88-2YR-USA for its Genomax™ program in cooperation with Taurus Service Inc. The first of these is 0200HO76579 Wabash-Way Evolve, Emilyann’s high-ranking Bolton son.

“This unique partnership between Semex, Taurus Service Inc and Emilyann’s owners allows the influence of this great cow family to make an impact worldwide,” says Paul Larmer, Semex Alliance Chief Executive Officer. “Semex sees this partnership as an extremely progressive step for all partners, as Emilyann and her sons are the epitome of Semex’s Balanced Breeding philosophy emphasizing longevity and profitability through proven cow families and elite sires. We’re excited to offer Evolve to customers worldwide as part of our Genomax™ line-up and share marketing responsibilities in the USA market with Taurus Service Inc.”

Evolve’s dam, Emilyann, has enjoyed tremendous international success as the former #1 CTPI cow and January’s #5 CTPI cow. Popular for many years, Emilyann rose to fame following the 2008 Global Glamour Sale where she commanded $630,000, making her the second high seller of the year. From a powerful and elite cow family, Emilyann’s Oman dam, Crockett-Acres Elita VG-87-4YR-USA DOM, is also a former #1 CTPI cow. The maternal line continues with an Mtoto, Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly EX-90-6YR-USA GMD DOM, followed by an EX-90-5YR-USA Rudolph, EX-95-3E-USA GMD DOM Leadman, VG-89-2YR-USA DOM Blackstar and five more VG or EX dams.

“Evolve has exactly what our Genomax™ program is looking for,” says Brad Sayles Semex Alliance Vice President, Global Marketing. “Evolve’s unique combination of high genomic figures, modern sire stack and a tremendous maternal pedigree make him not only very interesting for Semex, but will make him very popular and profitable for Semex customers worldwide. Evolve is the first son of Emilyann that will be released through our Genomax™ program.”

For April 2010, Evolve’s genomic USDA evaluation numbers are +2214M, +67F, +54P, +545 NM$ and +3.8 PL, 2.93 SCS, +3.03 PTAT with a +2161 GTPI, Evolve ranks at the very top of the breed. On the Canadian base, Evolve’s genomic figures were just as impressive with +2540M, +82F, +70P, +15 Conformation, +16 Mammary System, +105 Herd Life, 2.86 SCS and an over +3091 GPA LPI, ranking him the #4 GLPI bull in Canada!

Dairymen around the world can continue to rely on Semex to provide them with the most profitable sires from consistent cow families and proven sires, making Evolve and all the Genomax™ sires an easy choice for profitability. Contact your local Semex representative today for additional information regarding Evolve, Semex’s Genomax™ sires or any of Semex’s growing suite of programs designed to increase real dairy profitability or visit