Semex Alliance Announces Board of Directors

noneThe Semex Alliance is pleased to introduce their 2010-2011 Board of Directors. Gary Bowers (Centre d’insémination artificielle du Québec, CIAQ), will serve as President & Chairman of the Board, assisted by as 1st Vice-President, John De Vries (Eastern Breeders Inc, EBI), and by Norm McNaughton (Gencor) as 2nd Vice-President. Other members of the Board of Directors include Tim Hofstra (Westgen), Guy Lavoie (CIAQ), Normand Barriault (CIAQ) and Semex’s newest board member Robert Wright from Midhurst, Ontario (Gencor).

The Semex Alliance is a partnership of the Canadian artificial insemination cooperatives: Westgen, Centre d’insémination artificielle du Quebec (CIAQ), Eastern Breeders Inc (EBI) and Gencor. Semex Alliance is focused on global leadership in livestock genetics.