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Semex & Immunity+ Lineup Grows Stronger In December

Five years ago Semex answered the call of dairymen everywhere who wanted to breed more healthy cows with the launch of Immunity+, offering a genetic solution to health traits. Since then dairymen worldwide have seen firsthand the results of breeding healthier herds through the Immunity+ lineup.

Five years later, real world data backs up the decades of research Semex supported at the University of Guelph in Canada under the direction of Dr. Bonnie Mallard, BSc (Agr), MSc, PhD, Professor Immunogenetics, Department of Pathobiology.

“We have taken data from over 35 large commercial herds, and analyzed data from over 30,000 cows and 75,000 heifers,” says Dr. Steven Larmer, Semex Dairy Solutions Coordinator. “The results have been astonishing. Reductions in every major disease have been seen, and range anywhere from 5-20% reduction in animals sired by Immunity+ sires compared to all others. Mastitis, lameness and mortality saw especially large decreases in frequency.”

“We hear from dairymen worldwide on a daily basis that their Immunity+ sired calves out-perform their herdmates,” says Paul Krueger, Semex Vice President, US Sales & Global Marketing. “We’re actively selecting sires that offer both Immunity+ and the genetic package needed. And in December, this lineup is stronger than ever.”

  • 13 Holstein sires over +2700 GTPI
  • 24 Holstein sires over +2600 GTPI
  • 14 Holstein sires over +800 NM$
  • 10 sires over 1000 DWP$
  • 10 sires over +3.00 PTAT
  • 41 sires under 7% SCE
  • 32 Jersey Immunity+ sires
  • 12 Ayrshire Immunity+ sires

Semex’s lineups are growing with both proven and Genomax™ sires reigning popular and valuable worldwide:

  • 70 over +800 NM$
  • 54 over +2700 GTPI
  • 45 over 1000 DWP$
  • 45 over +2000 PTAM
  • 45 over +3.00 PTAT
  • #1 PTAT Sire 0200HO10036 OH-River-SYC Byway
  • #3 PTAT Sire 0200HO06480 Val-Bisson Doorman
  • 10 of the Top 50 UK Type Merit Sires
    • 0200HO10659 Stantons Applicable #1 UK Type Merit
    • 0200HO10757 Westcoast Lighthouse #2 UK Type Merit
  • 0200HO06267 Gen-I-Beq Lavaman #1 PLI UK Proven Sire
  • #1 Newly Proven LPI Sire 0200HO10000 Comestar Lineman
  • #1 Conf Sire 0200HO03913 Croteau Lesperron Unix
  • #3 Conf Sire 0200HO06480 Val-Bisson Doorman
  • 16 of the Top 20 Genomic LPI Jersey Sires
  • Top 100 HR G-Code Jersey Bulls
  • 0200JE07919 JX Waskiv Danestar {4} #2 HR G-Code Bull
  • 3 of the Top 10 HR G-Code Jersey Bulls
  • 26 of the Top 100 HR G-Code Jersey Bulls

Holstein sires of note include:

  • 0200HO10000 Comestar Lineman (Mogul x Man-O-Man x Goldwyn)
    • #1 New LPI Sire at
    • Immunity+, Calving Ease, Robot Ready™ sire
    • Expect impressive udder quality, shape and height at +3.47 UDC and correct legs from hard-working cows
  • 0200HO10196 View-Home Mandate (Day x Robust x Zenith)
    • HealthSmart™ and Calving Ease sire at +2560 GTPI, +6.8 PL, 6.6% SCE, +130 CFP
    • Solid components and type with calving ease
    • Medium-stature cows with dairy quality and well-attached udders
  • 0200HO10693 Siemers Bloomfield (Delta x Numero Uno x Shottle)
    • Immunity+, HealthSmart, RobotReady sire
    • #1 Immunity+ and #4 Delta son in the world
    • +2833 GTPI, +0.33% Fat, +100 PTAF, +0.06% Pro, 1038 DWP$, +8.8 PL, 2.65 SCS, +5.4 DPR, +2.32 PTAT
  • 0200HO10950 Progenesis Michelob (Jedi x Bombero x Ransom)
    • HealthSmart, RobotReady sire
    • Top Jedi son for PTAM and PL
    • +2819 GTPI, 1184 DWP$, +10.5 PL, +3.65 RUH, +3.36 RUW
  • 0200HO10898 Progenesis Musketeer (Jett x Delta x McCutchen)
    • RobotReady, A2A2 sire
    • One of few Jett sons available
    • +2806 GTPI, +0.13% Fat, +8.3 PL, +4.3 DPR, +2.11 PTAT, +2.49 UDC

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