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Semex Launch New Partnership With Datamars


Semex UK is excited to announce a new partnership with Datamars Livestock™ in the UK. Datamars has developed award-winning farming technologies for over 50 years, with the core belief of providing a measurable difference to the lives of their customers.

Semex’s renowned ai24® program will now be powered by Datamars Livestock in the UK giving UK dairy farms the industry’s most accurate and reliable option in heat and health monitoring.

"Datamars Livestock’s activity monitoring offers a fully-automated, plug and play system that is easy to install and maintain,” says Owain Harries, General Manager, Semex UK. “We have the most experience of any genetic company in this realm, and we know that dairies need solutions that helps focus their time and resources on the cows that truly need attention. The Datamars Livestock product does all the things expected in this kind of system, monitoring rumination, feeding, resting, standing, lying and other activities automatically. Most importantly though, Datamars Livestock shares Semex’s philosophy of offering unparalleled service and support to our customers. Providing best in class service is our number one priority and Datamars Livestock delivers.”

“Partnering with Semex and playing an integral role within their ai24 program, is an excellent opportunity to further deliver and generate on-farm value for our producers. Datamars Livestock’s cloud-based platform and connected ecosystem, is a market-leading solution designed to work with, and for, farmers to improve animal and farm business outcomes. We are fully committed to ensuring our solutions include unparalleled service and support so the full value of the technology on farm can be realized; Datamars Livestock powering ai24 further strengthens that value for everyone,” says Ben Hogg, Commercial General Manager, Datamars UK.

An industry leader in bringing technology and solutions to its clients, ai24 Powered by Datamars Livestock continues Semex’s on-going commitment to delivering profitability and sustainability to the farm gate.