Leveraging the latest technology

Like all Tru-Test solutions, Active Tags and Collars are grounded on accurate, reliable measurements to streamline activity and deliver timely, easy-to-understand intelligence straight to the fingertips of producers.

  • All animal behaviour data is captured and processed with advanced computational and machine learning methods to provide accurate heat and health insights. 

  • See how animals are performing against on-heat detection, in-calf, top and bottom performers via simple graphs and charts.    

  • Automatically receive heat information as cows come into a 500 metre range of the data gateway (mounted at the dairy shed/site).

  • Instantly share your animal data with staff, vets or consultants without attaching files to emails.

  • Access data from almost anywhere with Datamars Livestock Live, a cloud-based program so your animal data is accessible from any device with an internet connection.

  • Compatible with Auto-drafters.