Semex's Repromax® Nuestros toros trabajan fuerte... Una y otra vez

Confiar en Semex y sus toros con alta fertilidad Repromax™ para obtener que sus vacas queden gestantes, no ha sido una tarea fácil. En los datos de Enero 2010 de la tasa de fertilidad de los toros (SCR, por sus siglas en ingles), publicado por el USDA, los toros de Semex, se clasificaron más altos que todos los demás toros de otras compañías en 2 categorías, que mostraron resultados reales en establos reales….. 5,000 cruzamientos y mas de 10,000 cruzamientos y mas. Los toros de Semex alcanzaron el promedio más alto en el puntaje de SCR (Tasa de Fertilidad del toro), más que ninguna otra empresa en ambas categorías. Estos resultados demuestran, que una y otra vez los toros de Semex, están trabajando en las ganaderías lecheras en todas partes, obteniendo que las vacas queden gestantes y tengan partos más rápidamente y haciendo a las ganaderías lecheras más rentables con cada servicio. Como una evaluación internacional única de fertilidad, Repromax™ combina SCR, ATA y datos de no-retorno. Conocidos como toros de Semex Repromax™ , estos son toros altamente confiables, que han probado tener una alta fertilidad sin necesidad de sacrificar nada genéticamente. Los toros de Semex Repromax™ son fácilmente identificados la marca Repromax™ en todas las publicaciones de Semex y están incluídos en ProMate™, índice de selección mundial de Semex. Para obtener una lista completa o más información de los toros Repromax™, o cualquier otro programa de selección, designado para incrementar una real rentabilidad del establo lechero, por favor visite nuestra página web:
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Buckeye: Definite 2nd Crop Success!

Mike West, Semex Alliance Product Support Specialist & Sire Analyst

Approximately seven years ago the AI industry as a whole purchased many sons sired by the popular Marathon BW Marshall. In October of 2005, Semex graduated several BW Marshall sons, but just one rose to the top of the TPI listing. 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye has maintained his top TPI rankings, making him one of Semex’s most successful sires and another example of Semex’s strong USA proving program.

Today he’s reached another milestone being named a Second Crop success. Buckeye himself was one of the earlier BW Marshall sons to be proven at Semex, and quickly drew international attention as not only a mating sire, but sire of sons. Out of a VG-86-2YRUSA

GMD DOM 2* Rudolph dam, and then a 67,000 kg EX-94-2E-USA Luke, his family’s production capacity has transmitted through the generations. His emergence as a superstar on the international scene was due to his success on the TPI rankings and pedigree appeal with six more generations of VG or EX after the Luke, but also because of the tremendous promise dairymen saw in their Buckeye daughters.

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In Summer's Heat Keep Breeding Window Open A Little Longer

Brenda Lee-Turner, Semex Alliance Marketing Communications Specialist With temperatures topping +90˚F/32˚C in many parts of the North America, dairymen are struggling to get their cows bred back on time. Heat and its partner in crime, humidity, wreak havoc on dairies, pushing milk production and pregnancy rates down and herd health problems up. Incidences of stress on cows can occur at temperatures as low as 72˚F/22˚C when combined with higher humidity, dramatically reducing profitability on the dairy. Looking for solutions to keep the window of breeding opportunity open a little longer and combat these issues, Semex has designed its Repromix™ product to help get those problem, repeat breeders back into calf, reducing days open and into their next lactation and the milking line. The theory behind Semex’s Repromix product is related to a phenomenon called capacitation. Capacitation is a series of changes all sperm from mammals must undergo while in the female reproductive tract in order to fertilize an egg. This process includes the modification of proteins on the outside of the sperm cell by the cow’s reproductive tract. Without this process, sperm cannot fertilize an egg. As timing with all reproduction is key, the time needed for the capacitation process to occur varies from species to species and in our case, bull to bull. “Based on our theory, bulls can have different capacitation profiles,” says Tom Kroetsch, Semex Alliance Director Production & Quality Control. “But (all sires) will still have very good fertility when used in normal fertility cows in most herds with good reproductive management.” In general the timeline for capacitation in bull semen is generally 4 to 12 hours, but as shown in Figure 1 there appear to be early, average and late capacitating bulls. “Semex’s Repromix combines the semen from three bulls with complementary capacitation profiles,” says Kroetsch. “This ... Leer más...