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The Future Looks Bright

Our future looks bright.... We're growing to feed a hungry planet, evolving to reinvent the future with solutions, innovation, research and the best genetics. All this through our global distribution network, progressive partners, dedicated employees and YOU!

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Semex Immunity+™ At Schwab Dairy

Semex Immunity+™ is making an impact at Schwab Dairy in New York. Video featuring Professor Bonnie Mallard, PhD, MSc, BSc from the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College as well as Jason Schwab and Nate Bennet from Schwab Dairy.

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0200HO07846 RH Superman April 2018

Semex's 0200HO07846 RH Superman graduates in April 2018 as a Calving Ease and GrazingPro™ sire as the #14 LPI sire in Canada with +2132 Milk/+1813 PTAM, great Fat and Protein and 5.4% SCE/+107 Calving Ability.

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0200HO10146 Walnutlawn Solomon April 2018

Semex's newest global type sensation 0200HO10146 Walnutlawn Solomon is the #1 Conformation Sire in Canada at +16 and #2 PTAT Sire at +3.70 in April 2018! Check out this video of a few of his daughters in their working clothes! Solomon is a ShowTime™ and A2A2 sire.

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