Semex's Repromax sires listed below are highly reliable bulls proven to be high fertility sires with no genetic sacrifices.


*ALEXIS  0200HO10388
ALISTAIR  0200HO02875
*ALSACE  0200HO06631
*APTITUDE  0200HO10372
*ARKANSAS  0200HO07863
*ARMOUR  0200HO10259
*BERLIN-RED  0200HO10448
*BRYANT  0200HO10010
*BUSTOP  0200HO10189
CELEBRATE  0200HO02714
*CONSPIRE  0200HO10446
DESTINED *RC  0200HO03795
DETROIT  0200HO02783
*DURBIN  0200HO10006
*EMERO  0200HO10038
*ENTAIL  0200HO10123
*EXTREME  0200HO06593
FACEBOOK  0200HO03753
FEVER  0200HO05592
*FOLKLORIST  0200HO10430
*GENERAL  0200HO10473
*GOVERNOR  0200HO10314
*INTEGRAL *RC  0200HO06642
KICKBALL  0200HO06385
*LITTLETON  0200HO06637
MACHINE  0200HO03801
MANIFOLD  0200HO00402
*MASTERFUL  0200HO06628
MERIDIAN  0200HO02770
*MESMER  0200HO03994
*MONTREAL  0200HO06594
MUNITION  0200HO03859
*MYSPACE  0200HO10003
*PURE  0200HO10024
SECURITY  0200HO03712
SHANE  0200HO09225
SID  0200HO02137
SMURF  0200HO02805
*SOCIETY  0200HO07836
*SUPERMAN  0200HO07846
SYMPATICO *RC  0200HO02828
*VIGILANT  0200HO10369


DAVID  0200JE00183
*MACKENZIE  0200JE01007
SOPRANO{4}  0200JE00521


DECAF  0200AY00699
JUKEBOX  0200AY00352
JUMPER  0200AY00702
OBLIQUE  0200AY00329
PERFECT  0200AY00691
VOLVO  0200AY00734

Semex scientists have gathered Sire Conception Rates (SCR), ATA and Non-Return data to develop the worlds first international fertility evaluation. Known as Repromax sires,these sires are Semexs highest-ranked fertility sires. Listed to the left, Repromax sires are highly reliable bulls proven to be high fertility sires, with no genetic sacrifices. These bulls improve the fertility performance of cows and increase your profitability, representing the best of the best, with no genetic sacrifices. Contact your Semex representative today for your Repromax sire!

With dozens of numbers to analyze and problems to solve in a day, dairymen are looking to simplify processes and find easy solutions to their dairys problems.

The issue of conception and getting cows in calf is no exception. Measuring conception on farm is generally focused on one or more of the following three measures: pregnancy rate; number of days open; or number of inseminations per conception. The common denominator in each of these measures is that the dairyman needs to reduce the number of days the cow is open to increase his overall profitability.

How Much Does A Day Open Cost?

This impact may be greater than we think. A 2006 University of Florida study shows that this cost varies between $3.20 and $5.40/day and increases with average days open. These numbers take into account things like the value of the milk the cow would have produced, plus the value of her calf, as well as other concerns. Therefore if the average cost per extra day open is $4.50 and if one cow stays open 20 days longer than she should have, that dairy loses $90 on just that one cow alone.

On a 100-cow dairy this effect is tremendous and can cost the dairy an additional $9,000 in reduced profitability. Subsequently, larger herds feel this economic loss even greater.

Semexs Solution
Semex scientists have carefully reviewed fertility information from over 3,000 bulls to determine which Semex sires were most effective at getting cows bred, and have designated these fertility specialists as Repromax sires. Repromax is unique as it takes into account international information from numerous countries and sources, with the goal of improving the fertility performance of cows, and makes Repromax the worlds first international fertility evaluation.

"The Repromax sire list combines the best fertility information from all sources ", says Senior Geneticist, Dr. Jacques P. Chesnais.

"Weve taken into consideration the well-known and established forms of fertility analysis, Sire Conception Rate (SCR), Agri-Tech Analysis (ATA), as well as Canadas Non-Return Rate data to determine which Semex sires are fertility specialists, and we have designated these sires as Semex Repromax sires."

"The Canadian information is particularly important because it is based entirely on extensive professional technician data. This increases the reliability of the fertility evaluation and makes designated Repromax sires a powerful tool for dairymen."

Pregnancies are a valuable commodity on the dairy and Repromax sires work to make sure dairymen have the best product to get cows in calf, everytime.

"Our Repromax sires represent the best of the best," says Pierre Laliberte, Senior Vice-President, Global Genetic Programs/Operations.

"Semexs Repromax sires are highly proven, reliable bulls from our lineup that are proven to be high fertility sires, with no genetic sacrifices for quality. We believe dairymen should have the best of both worlds cows in calf and genetic improvement in their herds."

Semexs Repromax sires are listed at left and are designated with the "Repromax" logo. Ask your Semex Representative about Repromax today.