January 2010 Proofs Now Available at Semex!

January 2010 LPI proofs are now online at

Once again dominating the LPI listing, Semex Holstein sires capture 63 of the top 100!

# 4 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO03205 Braedale Goldwyn (#1 2nd Crop Sire)
# 5 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO05049 Morningview Ashlar
# 6 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO05024 Dudoc Mr Burns *RC
# 8 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO09804 Crockett-Acres Eight
# 9 LPI Holstein Sire: 0200HO00422 Morsan Omanny (#2 New Release Holstein: O Man x Allen)

# 4 LPI Ayshire Sire: 0200AY00329 Jelyca Oblique (#1 New Release Ayrshire: Tornade x Sylvester)
# 5 LPI Ayshire Sire: 0200AY00597 Kildare Jupiter
# 6 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00594 Duo Star Normandin
# 7 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00328 Kellcrest Humour
# 8 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00596 St Clement Edmour
# 9 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00622 Kildare Percy
#10 LPI Ayrshire Sire: 0200AY00922 Palmyra Jerry Bendig

# 3 LPI Brown Swiss Sire: 0073BS00018 R-Hart Cartoon

# 2 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00001 Rozelyn Enhancer Jordan
# 3 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00109 Pine Ridge Double L
# 4 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00400 Knapps Enhancer Krunch
# 5 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00111 Myown Poker Bingo
# 9 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00401 Millborne Bolero
#10 LPI Guernsey Sire: 0200GU00103 Four Winds Dynasty

# 1 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00314 Hollylane Lilibet's Legacy
# 2 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00430 Lencrest On Time
# 5 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00946 Sunset Canyon Dice
# 7 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00423 Lencrest Blackstone
# 9 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00970 Molly Brook Flow
#10 LPI Jersey Sire: 0200JE00420 Pine Haven Senior

Semex is proud of its 100% CVM-Free product offering; all bulls are tested free of this hereditary defect found in the Holstein breed.