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Semex's Mr Burns *RC Continues To Top LPI Rankings

noneSemex's 0200HO05024 Dudoc Mr Burns*RC VG-CAN SP EXTRA is a Semex high-type Designer Series™ sire that continues to top the LPI rankings sitting at #6 LPI following the January 2010 release. Increasing his milk production to +1611 and fat and protein to +49 and +69 respectively, his conformation matches field reports at +12 Conf and +10 Feet & Legs.

Mr Burns*RC is a Markim Thunder son from VG-87-6YR-CAN Granduc Maggie Storm, who is a full sister to Semex's 0200HO04163 Granduc Tribute. Next dam is Granduc Marla Astre VG-85-4YR-CAN 11*, then VG-87-5YR-CAN 12* DOM Cloverlands Skylar Cherry-Red. Mr Burns*RC is one of the highest second crop *RC bulls available today, showing good results in the field and popularity worldwide.

Since his release in February 2007, Mr Burns*RC has been known to sire great udders, with smooth fore attachments and good width through the rear attachments. His daughters have correct teat placement and a strong median suspensory ligament, providing the functional, durable type that leaves his daughters lasting in herds longer.

"Mr Burns daughters are stylish, high-typed cows," says Mike West Semex Alliance Sire Analyst and Product Support Specialist. "They're long-bodied with great feet and legs with solid production.

For TPI, Mr Burns remains a solid source of type with +2.27 PTAT, +1.51 UDC and +1.33 FLC with an impressive +2.71 Foot Angle, +2.24 Rear Udder Width and +2.46 Rear Udder Height.