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Semex's Silas, Aladdin & Howie Continue To Generate Profits & Impress Worldwide

noneLike their famous Semex sires before them, 0200HO03404 Willsona Silas VG-CAN SP, 0200HO01712 Wallaceview Aladdin EX-90-CAN SP and 0200HO05191 Kerndtway Howie VG-CAN SP EXTRA continue to impress dairymen, rank high for LPI, generate profits and be popular worldwide!

0200HO03404 Willsona Silas VG-CAN SP was one of Titanic's first proven sons almost a year ago and remains a valuable sire for breeders worldwide, ranking #15 overall LPI at +1879. As a Semex Health$mart™ sire, Silas delivers daughters that are healthy, profitable individuals, calving easily and lasting a long time, ranking +108 for Herd Life and +104 for Calving Ability. With +1303 kg Milk, +69 Fat and +50 Protein, Silas also delivers in the bulktank!

Repromax™ sire 0200HO01712 Wallaceview Aladdin EX-90-CAN SP has ranked high in the LPI rankings for over three years! By the popular Allen, as Aladdin's second crop daughters are added to his proof, his popularity will only rise. Aladdin daughters are known to be aggressive, hard-working cows with great frames and open ribs that spell milk. Quality udders support his heavy production of +1587 kg Milk, delivering low 2.86 SCS with +104 Herd Life and a +103 Calving Ability.

0200HO05191 Kerndtway Howie VG-CAN SP EXTRA is approaching his two year anniversary as a proven sire, and as his daughters enter their second lactation they are widely believed to be among some of the most balanced cows in herds giving him an excellent ranking of #25 LPI. This Morty son delivers the balanced combination of high production at +1954 kg Milk, over 100 kgs combined Fat & Protein with durable Conformation of +10, +8 Mammary Systems and +10 Feet & Legs. Delivering functional traits as well he's at 2.83 SCS and breed average or better for Milking Speed, Milking Temperament, Calving Ability and Daughter Calving Ability.

Look for these proven Semex sires to deliver the same great traits their popular Semex sires delivered before them... Reliability, durability and profitability!