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Semex Leads Industry In Millionaire Sires


With the recent addition of Semex's 0200HO07030 Ladino Park Talent-IMP *RC EX-90-AUS ST as a millionaire sire, Semex is once again the industry leader for producing millionaire sires.

As Semex's tenth sire to produce over one million doses of semen in the past 15 years, Talent joins an impressive fraternity of industry icons including: Hanoverhill Inspiration; Madawaska Aerostar; Startmore Rudolph; Comestar Lee, Leader, Outside and Lheros; Stouder Morty; and Oliveholme Aeroline. Additionally, Comestar Lee is considered a "Super Millionaire," producing more than 1.5 million units of semen in his lifetime, with Startmore Rudolph finishing just a few thousand doses shy of this landmark.

These sires represent Semex's unique ability to combine genetics, production and sales into one package.

"These sires define breeder satisfaction worldwide," says Brad Sayles, Semex Alliance Vice President, Global Marketing. "They show Semex's ability to deliver what dairymen everywhere are looking for, profitable, long-lasting cows. Having one sire reach millionaire status is a great testament to the combined efforts of genetics, barn, laboratory and sales. Having 10 of these sires shows not only these efforts, but it also shows that Semex sires are the most demanded sires globally."

With millionaire sires dating back to 1995, Semex continues to lead the industry in producing sires that are the bestsellers of their time, the truest testament to breeder satisfaction and approval. Looking to the future, Semex has several sires on the horizon, waiting to reach the coveted one million-dose mark, showing that Semex is committed to supplying the world with the most popular and sought-after sires in the industry.