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Semex's Morty Sires Record Milk Producer

noneSemex is pleased that 0200HO00044 Stouder Morty has sired the new national milk production record holder, Ever-Green-View My 1326-ET! A Semex Master Series™ and Repromax™ sire, Morty is known for siring daughters that are long-lasting and work hard. With nearly 62,000 daughters in his TPI production record and nearly 40,000 in his TPI type proof, this 99% reliability sire still delivers strong production with solid, durable type eight years after graduating from the Semex Premier™ young sire program as a top TPI sire.

Already a Millionaire Sire, Morty continues to be just one of the many Semex sires delivering real results to real dairies around the world.

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The Holstein breed has a new national milk production record holder! Ever-Green-View My 1326-ET, bred and owned by Thomas J. Kestell of Waldo, Wisconsin, calving at four years and five months of age has produced a 365-day record of 72,170 pounds of milk, with 2,787 pounds of fat and 2,142 pounds of protein.

Sired by Stouder Morty-ET, 1326-ET hails from Ever-Green-View's prolific "Elsie" family. She is scored EX-92, and also holds the national Junior Four-Year-Old records for milk and fat production in both the 305 and 365-day categories. She produced almost 37,000 pounds of milk as a two-year-old and over 46,000 pounds as a three-year-old.

"We never expected her to break this record when she first started out," said breeder Tom Kestell, "but by the time she was three-quarters of the way through her lactation, we knew she had a good shot."

"She's always been a really good milk cow, and a very solid type cow," he added. "This record wasn't hard on her - she looks great and feels great. She just wasn't stressed out at all, just like the rest of her family."

This record breaks the previous 365-day record of 67,914 pounds of milk, set by Muranda Oscar Lucinda-ET VG-86. As a frame of reference, the 2008 actual production average for all U.S. Holstein herds enrolled in production-testing programs was 23,022 pounds of milk, 840 pounds of butterfat and 709 pounds of protein.

1326-ET's exceptional record is backed by several generations of impressive performance. Her dam is a VG-85 GMD daughter of Ricecrest Lantz-ET, with two 305-day records over 30,000 pounds of milk. Behind that is Ever-Green-View Elsie-ET (by Emprise Bell Elton), scored EX-92 2E GMD DOM, who has a best record at 4-09 of 52,580 pounds of milk, with 4.4 percent fat and 3.3 percent protein. Elsie's dam is an EX-90 2E GMD DOM daughter of Drendel Melvin Grant-Twin with a four-year-old record over 50,000 pounds of milk, out of a Stardell Valiant Winken-ET daughter, scored EX-91 2E GMD DOM with multiple records over 40,000 pounds of milk.

Kestell says that they have been working with this cow family for over 28 years, and have several members on their farm. 1326-ET is the sixth generation to carry the Ever-Green-View prefix. They have marketed many members of this family that have gone on to do well for others, carrying on the family tradition of excelling in both type and production, including Ever-Green-View Legacy-ET EX-90 (purchased by Eskdale Dairy of Utah), dam of All-American Eskdale Stormatic Legend-ET EX-95, and Ever-Green-View Elsa VG-89 GMD DOM, who sold for $100,000 in the 2003 National Convention Sale and is now owned with Kingsmill Farm II, LLC and has a great deal of international interest.

The Kestells have genomically tested 1326-ET and are eagerly awaiting her results. They did not breed her back this year and plan to flush her now that her record is complete. 1326-ET currently only has one daughter, her February 2009 natural calf by Barbee-M Juror Ito-ET.

Ever-Green-View Holsteins is owned by Tom and Gin Kestell, with son Chris involved in the operation on a day-to-day basis as well. They have 130 cows with a BAA of 109.7 percent, and a Rolling Herd Average of 35,151 pounds of milk, 1,351 pounds of fat, and 1,083 pounds of protein. More detail on Ever-Green-View My 1326-ET's family can be found on the farm's web site at