Semex Announces Additions To Its Popular Immunity+ Lineup

Dairy producers worldwide strive to breed a herd of healthy, profitable cows. Genetically improving this trait has been difficult until December 2012 when Semex released its Immunity+ sires to the world. Daughters of these Immunity+ sires have less disease and provide additional benefits that improve overall herd health and increased longevity and profit.

“The response to this new product has been tremendous, says Brad Sayles, Semex Vice President Global Marketing. “Worldwide, producers know that some cows just go unnoticed… They don’t get sick, they don’t cause problems and they don’t cost extra money. Breeding more of this kind of cow is our common goal, and Immunity+ sires help our customers do just that.” 

Joining the Immunity+ lineup following the April 2013 genetic evaluations are:

  • 0200HO00566         MARKWELL DUCKETT (Mac x Goldwyn)
  • 0200HO02509         MORNINGVIEW SAILOR (Mr Burns *RDC x Boliver)
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