Science & Sustainability
Ethical, transparent and responsible science underpin our work. Research discoveries are critical to meeting the world's growing food demands. Our business practices include proactive, wise investment targeting animal improvement and industry sustainability.

As scientists, we believe safe, nutritious and affordable food should be produced with less impact on our world's resources, animals or people. We are committed to using scientific research and resources to help produce food that both meets consumer demand and is environmentally responsible.

Discovering efficiencies through science and research can play a significant role in reducing waste and ensuring a safe future. Within our labs, we use the latest technology tools and research to test, develop and share innovations for our food chain to contribute to a better environment. Improvements with advanced breeding and management will continue to generate efficiencies, such as using less land, water and nutrients, that lead to more food per unit of land, and in turn, contribute to greenhouse gas reductions.

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