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SEMEXX™ is available worldwide through Semex partners, subsidiaries and distributors. Please contact your local Semex representative for availability and pricing.


Why Sexed Semen?
The Testing
Best Practices
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is gender selected semen?

It is semen that has been modified to give you the sex of calf you wanted.

What makes Semex's SEMEXX™ different from other sexed semen products on the market?

SEMEXX™ has been produced and tested to insure it not only meets but exceeds the recommendations of XY Inc.

What procedures, tests and field trials were performed prior to collecting and releasing semen for commercial applications?

There were three basic levels of testing conducted prior to releasing sexed semen on a commercial level.


1. Level one involved assuring proper technology function, which means applying proper use of the machine, quality control, training of staff, proper facilities, manipulation of the product and so on.


2. Level two involved testing the product in a lab environment pre-sexing, post sexing/prefreezing and post freezing to guarantee the product meets the required standards concerning sexed semen.


3. Level three validated the information found in lab by a field trial. All these steps were performed with great success and results were above expected norms.

What is the heifer rate from sexed semen?

We can expect a heifer rate of around 90% meaning on 100 calvings on average we would expect 90 heifer calves. The field trial actually provided better results than what is expected.

What kind of fertility level can we expect with sexed semen?

Sexed semen fertility levels are expected to range from 70 to 80 % of levels with conventional semen. In the field trials with virgin heifers,we obtained a conception rate of 55 % on the control group compared to 45 % with the sexed semen.

Does the sexing process change the semen?

The sexing process removes the dead, damaged sperm so there is a better chance of producing a good frozen product.

Is Semex's sexed semen packaged differently?

All female sexed semen has a 777 stud code compared to the 200 code for the conventional product, in order to avoid any confusion. It is packaged in regular 0.25 ml straws.

Should I use SEMEXX™ on my cows or flush animals?

No, sexed semen is intended for use on virgin heifers only! It is strongly recommended to not use sexed semen for embryo transfer. It has been proven that results decrease significantly.

Can timed breeding reproductive management take advantage of sexed semen?

Once again, the best results come from the best conditions possible. Natural heats with top management practises will have the best results and factors such as nutrition, environment, body condition, natural heat cycles are important to obtain the best results. Timed breeding programs with sexed semen have demonstrated lower conception rates.

How many bulls and what quantities are available?

Due to limited production capacity by the machines, approximately 5-7 doses per hour, very few doses are available. Not all bulls are able to have their semen sexed. This is either due to the semen not qualifying for the sexing technology or the fact that there may be a shortage of semen for a particular bull. At this point there are a number of bulls from different breeds available with sexed semen. Contact your local representative to inquire on available semen quantities and which bulls are available.

Do I have to handle SEMEXX™ differently?

SEMEXX™ straws should always be submerged in liquid nitrogen, handled with cold tweezers, thawed carefully and protected against direct light and temperature change.

"The days of hoping for a heifer calf and the disappointment of the bull calf are over. Now, by using SEMEXX™ sexed semen the breeder is in control of his heifer calves and has a tighter reign on his herd's genetic future."

Pierre Laliberté, Semex Alliance Senior Vice President, Genetics and Research