Global well-being is reliant upon all of us respecting and caring for the land, shores and all that lives within. As an organization, we must act as a citizen of the Earth, ethically, socially and morally bound to ensure our footprint makes for a better world. At all times, business will be mindful and respectful of this principal, with no profit gained at the expense of any one facet of our civil responsibility triad.

Stewardship Discovery Community

Animal Health & Welfare
The health and safekeeping of animals is our first priority. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and codes of practice for the care and handling of animals. At all times, we seek ways to improve animal health and well-being.

Science & Sustainability
Ethical, transparent and responsible science underpin our work. Research discoveries are critical to meeting the world's growing food demands. Our business practices include proactive, wise investment targeting herd improvements and industry sustainability.

A healthy agricultural future is integral to our business philosophy. Investing in and equipping employees with what they need to succeed, personally and professionally, while actively participating in local, national and global communities, is the foundation of our work environment.