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We're inventing a new tomorrow

At Semex, we're inventing a new tomorrow... For the future of global dairy farming. We deliver value and solutions... For healthier cows, more lactations, high production and a profitable future together!


Semex Immunity+™ At Schwab Dairy

Semex Immunity+™ is making an impact at Schwab Dairy in New York. Video featuring Professor Bonnie Mallard, PhD, MSc, BSc from the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College as well as Jason Schwab and Nate Bennet from Schwab Dairy.


0200HO10660 Stantons Adorable APR 2020

Stantons Adorable (Supershot x McCutchen x Observer) receives his progeny proof in April 2020 as a RobotReady™ Sire. His daughters are known for shallow udders with very well-attached fore udders and correct foot shape and structure with an ideal rump angle and width to their pins.


Introducing Semex's Elevate™

Learn about the only automated genomic herd strategy tool in the industry is now available from Semex!


Getting Started With Elevate™

Semex's Elevate™ is an easy, simple way to manage your herd's genetic strategy. And, getting started is easy!


Using Semex's Elevate™ On Farm

Using Semex's Elevate™ program could not be easier! Find out more here.