Hot Cow - Estrus Detection Tags


Managing a herd means managing insemination and pregnancy. Knowing when a cow comes into estrus is vital to your planning and bottom line.
Now there is a convenient, accurate and easy-to-use tag that tells you when and which cows are in standing heat.


HotCow® Tags are adhesive-backed tags with a rub-off surface that shows mounting activity. Careful observation gives an accurate indication of the
number of times the cow has been mounted.


- Detect true standing heat with accuracy.
- Accurate timing increases pregnancy rates.
- Easy to observe and read.
- Self-adhesive - simple and easy to apply (no messy glue tubes).
- Cost efficient because you can use it before standing heat and following insemination to check for return heat.
- Available in four easy to see colours - red, pink and green & yellow.


HotCow® Tags are availbale through Semex NZ, contact you local rep to order.