Dairy Care Products


DairyCare products are available direct through Semex NZ, contact your local rep for pricing and for new products.

DairyCare products are prepared from organically-grown Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plant extracts and Manuka honey, carefully stabilised to retain natural benefits. All products are prepared in anISO 9002-certified laboratory to IASC recommendations which ensures products of the highest quality to build natural immune systems and improve herd health.


DairyCare Tonic

The secret to a healthy herd is a healthy immune system. Aloe Vera is acclaimed for it's benefits to dairy cattle and regular dosing has been shown to assist in:

- Maintaining udder health
- Maintaining condition in cows during calving for earlier returns to milk production
- Modulating and sustaining healthy gastro-intestinal function in weaning calves


DairyCare SkinTonic Gel / Spray

Aloe-rich DairyCare SkinTonic Gel and SkinTonic Spray enhance healing action for abrasions and minor cuts and burns, for cleansing skin
and promoting healty cell regrowth.



Easy to use

DairyCare Tonic comes to you in handy, recyclable 20-litre pails and 5-litre containers. The handy pails stack for storage, are simple to open-twist |
and pull on a clever hideaway safety spout,and DairyCare Tonic is ready for action.

Dosing is easy too

DairyCare tonic can be mixed directly into drinking water or via an inline-dispenser calculated at a regular daily dose rate of 5ml per cow.
Introductory drenching can be safely increased up to 100ml daily as an inital boost for the immune system or for ailing animals.

An economical solution

At the normal daily dose rate of only 5ml per cow. DairyCare Tonic is effective - and cost effective! Many customers report their investment
of 7c per cow daily returning at least the double the return in improved milk quality and quantity.

No withholding period

DairyCare Tonic is a totally natural, herbal product, is safe to use daily and has no reported side effects. Unlike antibiotics,
there is no withholding period, even after increased dosing to boost the health of ailing animals.