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Semex genomic investment pays off as sires dominate listings

Semex's multi-million dollar investment in genomic testing has once again borne fruit in the latest proof run, with the company's sires once again dominating the genomic league table.  The firm has 24 of the yop 50 sires ranked on UK TM, 10 of the top 25 sires and five of the top 10. Of  those there are 19 sires with a TM of 3.50 or over. On the PLI ranking Semex has 26 sires in the top 100 available - significantly more than any other company.

Star performers include Velthuis SG Athens, who has a TM of +4.44 and who missed out on the top type spot by just 0.01 of a point. In 3rd position is Wa-Del Bryant at +4.43, with the elite-status Immunity+ sire Val-Bisson Doorman at +4.07 at sixth position. Other top ten ranked sires include the newcomers Silverridge Avalanche, at +3.98 and Croteau Lesperron Urbain at +3.94.

Heading Semex's range on the PLI list is another exciting new sire - Mr Delicious Lionel. He is  a son of McCutchen out of a Robust daughter, and thus a generation ahead of many of the sons of Robusr on the PLI list.

"He has probably the most modern pedigree around," says Willie Tait, Semex UK genetics manager. "He baosts very high PLI and milk, excellent daughter fertility and low SCC. All combine with great overall type to make him an excellent all-rounder."

"Semex is genomically testing over 5000 sires a year, and only a small percentage of the top ones make the grade," adds Mr Tait. "The fact that sons of genomic sires are being introduced before their sire gets a proof shows the speed of genetic gain that genomics is bringing."

The large number of bulls tested also allows for a wide diversity of sire to made available, including sons of Numero Uno (Bombero and Urbain), Shamrock (Loberry), De-Su Pierre (Locarno), Armitage (Zanzibar) and Mogul (Ste Odile Pure and Comestar Lineman).