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Semex reaffirms its position as the “go-to” stud for UK farmers

The April UK proof run has returned a number of high-ranking bulls across the spectrum of lists and Semex has once again demonstrated the ability to provide a stud of wide-ranging bulls, suitable to all UK dairy producers.

Joining the Semex stud is PROGENESIS MAHOMES. With a PLI of £892, this highest ranking Genomax bull is an Elodrado son from a Milktime dam.

“MAHOMES is already in demand globally for breeding the next generation of breed influencers due to his unique genetic offering,” says Owain Harries, International Sales Manager at Semex. “It’s rare these days to see such a high index sire also score high for Type Merit, but Mahomes bucks the trend coming in at 2.04 UKTM. This is no surprise with a lineage tracing back to Gold Missy. Farmers looking to reduce stature without compromising strength or the ability to produce cows with a natural ability to milk, need to look no further than this high-ranking superstar”.

Owain continues, “MAHOMES is ideal for farmers on both constituent and liquid milk contracts, offering over 1,000 kgs milk with positive percentages. With over 10 points on Fertility Index and exceptional Lifespan figures, we will continue to see the benefits that this bull offers for many years to come”.

MAHOMES is offered to the UK market as part of the Semex Faststart Sire programme.*

On the AHDB Holstein PLI listings, Semex is now home to 40% of the top 20 available UK Proven Bulls, one of which is WESTCOAST YAMASKA, who has added more daughters, and now boasts £720 PLI, with 560 kgs milk, and extreme percentages at +0.21 fat%, +0.15% protein, together with +9.1 Fertility Index.

Owain comments, “YAMASKA is undoubtedly the star with his daughters proving to be strong and wide, with exceptional locomotion, and at 1.78 UKTM he is amongst the highest Type options within the Top 10 PLI bulls. It is gratifying to see Semex Genomax sires of yesteryear confirming their hype with high-performance daughters in UK herds”.

Gen-I-Beq ATTICO RED once again tops the UK and International list on Type Merit with +3.51 UKTM. With nearly 2,000 daughters contributing towards his Type proof, his ability to breed the type of cows that stand out within a herd is well documented.

Within the Genomic lists, Claynook DAILY holds the No.2 position at +2.90 UKTM, with a total of six out of the top 10 genomic sires for udder improvement coming from the Semex stud.

Owain concludes, “Semex is committed to a balanced breeding philosophy and recognises that whilst breeding preferences will ultimately vary amongst UK farmers, the fundamentals of functional, healthy cattle that have the ability to produce profitable milk, is the aim for all UK producers. Our goal has always been to deliver bulls to UK farmers who excel under UK conditions, and the success of our bulls in this proof run is testament to that”.