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New Red September Storm Son Creates International Sensation

Red & White Holstein breeders worldwide have been anxiously awaiting a true Red son of the internationally popular Master Series™ sire Pursuit September Storm *RC, and with the addition of 0200HO05337 La Presentation Picolo Red, their wait is over.

Picolo Red arrives with his first official evaluation at +13 Conf and double digits for Mammary Systems, Feet & Legs and Dairy Strength, matching comments in the field.

"This sire excels in dairy strength," says Carl Barclay, Westgen Progeny Analyst. "Picolo daughters are big with lots of rib and openess. They show hard tops and fanciness throughout, tracking nicely on a solid foot and leg."

This style and balance is bred into Picolo Red as his dam is a VG-85-3YR-CAN 1* Lentini with 1 Superior Lactation Award, then a VG-85-2YR-CAN 2* Steven from a VG-85-2YR-CAN 2* Milestone from Canada's 32* brood cow, the EX-3E-CAN La Presentation Digne.

"We expect high demand worldwide for Picolo," says Brad Sayles, Semex Alliance Vice President, Global Marketing. "As one of our top type sires in the USA, he will create a lot of interest worldwide very soon."

Ranking extremely high for type in the USA, Picolo Red posted an impressive +3.56 PTAT, +2.51 UDC and +3.26 FLC on his debut run, with low 2.90 SCS. Picolo's +3.56 PTAT ranks him as Semex's #3 PTAT sire and one of the top Red sires in the world.