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Titanic Son From Gypsy Grands Debuts At Top Of Conformation Listing

From the famous Gypsy Grand family and by Canada's #1 Sire of Newly Proven Sires, Hartline Titanic, 0200HO00393 Rietben Tee Off debuts near the top of the breed, ranking #4 overall for Conformation (tied with Semex's famous Braedale Goldwyn) at +16.

Cast as an "udder specialist," Tee Off has style built into his pedigree. By Titanic, his dam is a VG-88-4YR-CAN 1* Gibson with over 54,900 kgs in her fourth lactation, then a VG-89-4YR-CAN 5* Leduc who was Hon. Mention All-Canadian Jr. 2 Yr Old in 2002 with a Superior Lactation Award and over 68,400 kgs herself. Next dam is the famous EX-90-3E-Can 8* Braedale Cheetah, a Rudolph daughter of Gypsy Grand herself.

Jim Biggar, Gencor Progeny Analyst, calls the Tee Off daughters an extremely uniform group. "Tee Off daughters are very consistent," says Jim. "They are very uniform and he is definitely an udder specialist, siring very shallow udders with strong fore udder attachments and great height in the rear udders. Their rumps are neat, with ideal pins and they walk on extremely nice legs with strong pasterns."

Tee Off's numbers echo these comments as he scored a +16 Conf, +16 Mammary System, +13 Feet & Legs with +13 Foot Angle, +13 Heel Depth, +12 Rear Attach Width, +13 Fore Attachments and 11S for Udder Depth, and ranks as a high fertility Repromax™ sire.

Expect Tee Off to deliver high type from an extremely consistent breeding pattern, backed by one of Canada's most prolific cow families and its most popular sire of sons. This combination is certain to impact herds looking to add stylish type with excellent rumps and quality mammary systems.