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Semex Sires Valuable Worldwide In Sales Arena

The value of a cow, heifer or calf can be measured in multiple ways. Many breeders utilize tools designed to measure genetic value and profit potential including TPI, LPI, Net Merit or even the individual traits they're focusing their breeding program on to determine value.

Others simply look at what it would cost to replace a cow that has left the herd. In 2007, University of Wisconsin Extension (UWEX) Agents collected data from 49 dairy farms, custom calf and heifer growers from across Wisconsin. This study estimates, under given assumptions including calf value and labor costs, that the average total cost of raising a heifer from birth to freshening ranged from $1595 to $2935, or an average of $2149 (including a given value of $500 for the calf she is carrying). Therefore, a replacement will cost approximately $2100.

Many dairymen rely on additional income from selling their excess heifers and cows, allowing the free market to determine the value of their stock, while some seek elite genetics to develop marketable seed stock sold at a premium.

2008 was undoubtedly a phenomenal sale year, supported by high milk prices and an enthusiastic following who marveled each time another record was shattered. Semex sired daughters led the pack, reaching new heights and topping sales in multiple countries including Canada, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Semex daughters are always the favorites at these sales, with code 200HO having topped many high profile and local sales from coast to coast and around the world.

"Semex daughters always stand out in the sale ring," says Julien Chabot, Semex Sire Analyst. "In the sale ring the solid, square animals always sell the best. It doesn't matter whether it's for replacement cattle or for more elite and show cattle. Dairies want to milk cows that look correct and sound. Semex sires are known for these kind of daughters."

Each year Holstein World, Holstein International and the Holstein Journal analyze the results of sales reported to their offices. In 2008 Semex sired animals were at the top of the lists siring 15 of the top 24 high selling females in the USA and seven of the top 10 in Canada.

Looking closer at Holstein World's data, it is interesting to see the wide range of Semex sires represented. More than any other, Semex shows dominance in providing top-shelf genetics to a diversified market with 22 sires listed daughters' sale prices reported to Holstein World averaged $4,000 or higher in 2008.

2008 Top Selling Semex Sires

Braedale Goldwyn Comestar Stormatic Wilcoxview Jasper
Ladino Park Talent *RC Comestar Lee Pursuit September Storm *RC
Silky Gibson Shoremar Milan Quality Fabulous
Oseeana Astronomical Sunnylodge Linjet Comestar Lheros
Comestar Outside Canyon Breeze Allen EK-Oseeana Aspen
Hartline Titanic STBVQ Rubens *RC Innwood Terrason
Regancrest-LH Modest R-E-W Buckeye-ET Braedale Freelance
Stouder Morty    

All sires listed had 20 daughters or more reported to Holstein World as sold in public auctions in 2008. Looking at the five major studs contribution to this ranking, Semex sires were clear winners representing 38% of these sires and 1/3 of all daughters from these sires sold, a tremendous accomplishment showing breeders' confidence in our sires and their daughters' profit potential.

Turning to the worldwide stage, Holstein International reported the most popular sires of top selling female animals as well, including 142 sales in the world, with the results showing Semex's domination. In their research Semex sires Braedale Goldwyn, Pursuit September Storm *RC, Ladino-Park Talent *RC and Comestar Outside sired 48% of the top selling females from these sales.

With the current economic and dairy crisis in 2009, sale prices have declined. Holstein International reported in their August 2009 issue that we've seen a decrease of 18.5% worldwide over 2008 thus far, with the current average sale price on 24 reported sales to be $5297 US. However, elite and in-demand genetics remain strong with 200HO sires still topping the lists. Semex sired seven of the top 12 highest priced animals sold to date, and four of the top sellers by country from nine countries.

As they state, "Goldwyn is providing the fireworks," siring 9 of the 82 researched sales' high sellers, with these nine daughters selling for an average $27,800 US or a quarter of a million dollars (after conversion) in total. Additionally, wildly popular Repromax™ sire, Talent sired seven sale toppers.

Semex sires and stud code 200 represent more than just a dose of semen. To dairymen everywhere, Semex represents real tangible value that will increase over time and net returns even in the most depressed of situations. 200 code sires are bred with longevity, profitability, efficiency and durability built in, ensuring that not only will Semex sires remain but that your Semex-sired daughters will endure the test of time, return profits in the bulk tank and net rewards on the sale block.