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Semex Had All The Bases Covered At World Dairy Expo!

Semex sires dominated the Holstein Show and also captured Grand Champion honours in the Grand International Red & White show. Thousands of visitors saw six 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye daughters, as well as a 0200HO03280 Gillette Final Cut, 0200HO07030 Ladino Park Talent *RC and 0200HO07317 Magor Bolivia Allen daughter at its famous Walk of Fame Tent.

Buckeye Leads Walk of Fame Display

Time and again, visitors to the Semex Walk of Fame tent commented on the wonderful group of 0200HO04779 R-E-W Buckeye daughters on display. Placing orders and discussing breeding patterns, dairymen from coast to coast gathered in what has become "the place to meet" at World Dairy Expo, the Semex tent, to see for themselves how Semex can work on their dairy.

"The display gathers momentum each year," says Nick Sarbacker, Semex Midwest Premier Coordinator. "By showcasing Buckeye daughters this year we're accomplishing several things including showing off Premier, our young sire program. These daughters come from all different environments, with five coming from 400+ head freestall herds, and yet you can see the pattern stamped on each of them. Functional frames, legs, great udders and silky, black hides. It's what makes dairymen love them and why he is so popular."

Legendary Holstein Show For Semex

The 2009 World Dairy Expo theme was 'Legendary' and focused on recreating images of Major League Baseball's World Series. On Friday and Saturday of World Dairy Expo, the International Holstein Show saw over 400 individuals walk across the green colored shavings with 30 Semex legendary sires, siring an astounding 45% of the entire Holstein show! Past, present and future legends were strong and in control of the Holstein show, siring 52% of the top 10 placings.

On day one of the show 211 heifers were shown, with Semex sires siring four out of seven class winners. Semex's Balanced Breeding philosophy proved legendary, siring high quality heifers that will not only do well in the ring, but will develop into the next generation of great cows.

Semex's own All-Star, Braedale Goldwyn, dominated the entire show and received the coveted Premier Sire Award. In complete control all day, Goldwyn sired 20 of the top 10 placing heifers, including the Junior Champion, T-Triple-T Gold Prize, the first place Winter Yearling.

Other Semex sires with high placing daughters included: 0200HO03227 EK-Oseeana Aspen; Wilcoxview Jasper, sire of the Res. Jr Champion, 1st place Fall Calf, Beldavid Jasper Jordan; 0200HO01677 Regancrest Dolman; Comestar Stormatic, 0200HO05383 Ehrhardt Latham; 0200HO03280 Gillette Final Cut; 0200HO00113 Cedarwal Spirte; and Semex young sire 0200HO03523 Gillette Watch Out.

On day two of the Holstein show, over 220 milking contenders made their way to the baseball-themed show ring, where so many legends before them have stepped. Like the legends of past, the 2009 entries satisfied everyone's desire to witness the breed's elite go head to head. In the cow classes, many Semex legends sired top placing entries, including an impressive seven class winners, and an outstanding eight of the top 10 Jr 3 Yr Olds and seven of the top 10 Aged Cows. Combine these statistics with Semex's heifer class domination, and Semex truly had all bases covered at the show.

Siring the Junior Champions, class winners in the young cow classes and then showing Semex's ability to sire cows that truly stand the test of with winners in the 4 Yr Old, Aged Cow and the highly regarded 125,000 lb Cow class, demonstrated Semex's ability to deliver long-lasting, high-performing individuals.

Highlights of the young cow classes included siring the Reserve Intermediate Champion & 1st place Jr 3 Yr Old, Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy VG-89-2YR-CAN (Braedale Goldwyn) and the Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion & 2nd Place Jr 3 Yr Old, ABF September Cheese VG-89-3YR-CAN (Pursuit September Storm). These two individuals exemplified what a Jr 3 Yr Old should look like, having both developed well since their dominance at the 2008 shows.

Additionally, Semex sired the Holstein winner of the popular Kingsmill II International Futurity, in which breeders place their bets years in advance, waiting for the opportunity to compete and see who has the very best 3-Yr-Old. This year the Holstein winner, Arethusa Gold Valencia, was sired by Braedale Goldwyn.

In the senior cow classes, 4 Yr Old and newly scored EX-95-CAN Highview Jasper Cherry (Wilcoxview Jasper) easily won the 4 Yr Old Class with her high, wide rear udder and beautiful side profile. The Shoremar James crowd favorite, Thrulane James Rose EX-97-2E-CAN, was back to defend her title, winning the impressive Mature Cow Class and capturing Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion honors. Another cow back to win, was Rose's EX-97-3E-CAN stall mate Brunyland Storm Kendra who won the 125,000 lbs Class for the second year in a row.

Other Semex sires that were dominant in their classes included: Samuelo, Stormatic, Terrason, Allen, Astronomical, Jackman, Lheros, Lyster, Outside and Gibson. Overall, 30 different Semex sires were represented on the colored shavings, showing Semex's ability to sire the legends at the largest Holstein show in the world.

Semex Sires Take Top Award in Grand International Red & White Show

Described as "Fantastic" with a capital "F", the Grand International Red & White Show is one of the fastest growing shows at World Dairy Expo, reflecting the enthusiasm in the Red & White Holstein breed.

Once again Semex's STBVQ Rubens *RC showed why he is known as "King of the Red & White Ring," siring the Grand Champion cow, KY-Blue Ruben Marla-Red, also 1st 5 Yr Old. Marla was also named Best Udder of the entire show.

Minister Daughter Captures Hon. Mention Grand Champion & Intermediate Champion Honors

Several Semex bulls figured prominently among the sires of top ranking females at the 2009 Central National Jersey Show held at World Dairy Expo.

First Sr 2 Yr Old, Intermediate Champion and Honorable Mention Grand Champion of the 383 head show was Pine Haven SSM Marmie, an outstanding young cow sired by Semex's type leader, 0200JE00427 Select-Scott Minister.

Minister also sired winning entries in the heifer classes. PM Minister Lea was 1st Spring Heifer Calf and Arethusa Minister Giselle-ET was 1st Winter Heifer Calf. Another Minister daughter, Elliott's Minister Votive-ET came 3rd in the Winter Heifer Calf, with five other Ministers placing in the top 10.

0200JE00131 Bridon Remake Comerica sired the winning Jr 2 Yr Old, Lookout Sweet Baby J, as well as four other daughters that placed in the top 10 of their classes. Younger maternal brother to Comerica, 0200JE00136 Bridon Excitation, sired three daughters that placed in the top 10 of their classes, including seventh place Junior 3 Year Old, Bridon BE Puff, who also won the Production Award in her class.

A couple of sires predominantly known for high production traits, showed that their offspring can also be competitive on the colored shavings. 0200JE00423 Lencrest Blackstone sired the 3rd place Spring Heifer Calf, Godale Blackstone Miss Lady, and 0200JE00990 Sunset Canyon RP Militia sired the 4th place Yearling in Milk.

Additionally, four daughters of the veteran Semex sire, 0200JE00303 SHF Centurion Sultan placed among the top 10 of their classes this year, including the fifth Jr 3 Yr Old, TJ Classic Sultan Miracle.

Several other daughters of current and former Semex sires such as Bridon Jamaica, Glenholme Counciller, Curtsey Duncan Jude and Valleystream JIS Juno were selected among the top 10 entries of their classes, including the fifth place Spring Yearling, Spring View Dominic's Kora, sired by Bridon Dominic, a Semex sire in waiting.

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**Buckeye photo by Nick Sarbacker. All other photos by Agri-Graphics.**