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Semex Hungary Celebrates 20 Years of Success

Submitted by: Orsolya Schummer, Operations Manager, Semex Hungary

Génbank-Semex Hungary Ltd. celebrated their 20th anniversary recently on October 8.

Beautiful weather welcomed over 300 guests to the facility. Aamong them were Paul Larmer, Semex Alliance CEO, Sam Mitra, Semex Director International Sales & Business Development (Asia, Middle East & Eastern Europe), Dr. Gordon A. Atkins from the Veterinary University of Calgary, Alberta as well as representatives from the Hungarian breeder associations and the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture.

The day featured a Walk of Fame daughter display with daughters of well-known Semex sires Braedale Goldwyn, R-E-W Buckeye, Gillette FBI, Covista Ty, Magor Bolivia Allen and others on display. These daughters depicted Semex's Balanced Breeding philosophy, and underlined the fact that Semex really does work everywhere!

Guests were also treated to a look into the future with genomics and Semex's Genomax™ lineup, highlighting Genomax™ sires and Semex's genomics program.

Following the sire presentation were numerous other presentations regarding the industry's role in the currect global economic situation. Zoltán Veres, CEO of Semex Hungary greeted the audience and briefly summarized the history and the philosophy of the company, described its present position in the market and future plans, underlining that, "Companies don’t make profit. People do."

Balázs Fekete, President of the Hungarian Animal Breeders Association, described the critical situation of the Hungarian dairy industry and drew the attention to the importance of effective cooperation not only of dairy farmers, but also with dairy processors. Paul Larmer gave a presentation on Semex’s position in the global genetic marketplace and summarized the latest results in the field of research and development. Additionally he noted that, "Semex is positioned to be the global choice for the dairyman, regardless of whether he milks 50, 500 or 5,000 cows.”

Finally, Dr. Gordon A. Atkins gave a presentation on the importance of functional conformation to dairy cattle longevity, followed by a luncheon.

Génbank-Semex Hungary Ltd. thanks all of those who made this memorable day possible, and to all of those who celebrated with us.