Semex Alliance Announces Italian Distributorship Changes

Guelph, Ontario - The Semex Alliance, a leading global genetics company, is announcing that effective January 1, 2010, Semex Alliance will take full responsibility of the Italian market through a new company, Semex Italia, as part of its strategy which concentrates on the main markets in Europe.

Semex has enjoyed a long, successful history with the Italian dairy producers. For decades Italian dairymen have supported and endorsed Semex's Balanced Breeding philosophy and have enjoyed many successes resulting from its use. Bulls such as Rudolph, James, Lee, Leader, Rubens *RC, September Storm *RC and Buckeye have had a major, positive influence on the Italian dairy population. This newly formed company will allow Semex to continue providing Italian dairymen access to top quality genetics and industry leading services and programs.

For the past five years Canadian Semex, (a subsidiary of Ente Lombardo Potenziamento Zootecnico S.p.A.), and its employees have worked hard in the Italian market. Their dedication and efforts have resulted in strong and mutually beneficial relationships. Semex is extremely thankful for their dedication and efforts, as they have provided outstanding service and high quality products to Semex's customers.

Semex Italia will continue these positive efforts, further developing business partnerships with Italian dairy producers during a very challenging time in the industry.