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Semex Walk of Fame Shows Semex Works Everywhere

noneThe 2009 Semex Walk of Fame as always was the place to be at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Hundreds of international guests visited the display, as well as Canadian country music stars Michelle Wright and Doc Walker, who both took their turns milking a cow. Additionally, Prince Charles, who made a brief stop on his busy tour through the fair to see Semex's Walk of Fame cows, paid a Royal visit.

Most importantly, dairymen from around the world visited Semex's display and reviewed the outstanding display of Semex sired daughters. Selected for their ability to sire healthy, long-lasting daughters, this year's display featured 10 different Semex Holstein sires with daughters from very different environments. These 10 sires represent the best from Semex and their daughters showcased Semex sires' ability to work everywhere:

  1. Anchoring the row was a daughter of 0200HO04608 Regancrest-MR Samuelo, Extondale Samuelo Fiona VG-88-2YR-CAN. Fiona was 2nd Milking Yearling at the 2009 World Dairy Expo and was able to display Samuelo's proven ability to sire balance while maintaining excellent mammary systems and foot structure. As a Repromax™, Master Series™ and Health$mart™ sire, Samuelo demonstrated why he is the complete package, ready to work everywhere.
  2. 0200HO09804 Crockett-Acres Eight had an exceptional uddered daughter in the display in Buttermoor Apricot Eight VG-86-3YR-CAN. Apricot easily showed how this Oman son is able to sire fantastic udders with great shape and strength. One of the easiest cows in the display to work with, this Eight daughter had an aggressive appetite and showed how much production potential this bull has and why he can easily be considered a Health$mart™ sire.
  3. Dessaults Tatou Bonair VG-85-4YR-CAN, represented the very popular sire 0200HO05139 Karona Bonair. From a 1000 cow freestall barn, Tatou demonstrated her sire's ability to breed for excellent production, backed by great strength and development. Her well-attached udder easily held large volumes of milk, showing why Bonair is so popular around the world.
  4. Wilrae Denzel Junie VG-87-3YR-CAN, a daughter of high ranking sire 0200HO05239 La Presentation Denzel was a crowd favourite all week long. This cow demonstrated the true definition of dairy strength and udder quality, showing why Denzel is siring many great second crop calves and why he will continue to be a very popular sire for years to come.
  5. Making a second appearance in the Walk of Fame was Sharmaple Howie Diamond VG-87-3YR-CAN, a daughter of 0200HO05191 Kerndtway Howie. Howie has become one of the elite production sires at Semex. His daughters like Diamond continue to work and provide him with his great production proof, while being extremely open and angular, and also walking on some of the best feet in the breed.
  6. 0200HO07321 Magor Baroque Allen, a maternal brother to Goldwyn, had a very impressive daughter on display in Grahamfarm Baroque France VG-88-3YR-CAN. France is a perfect example of how this bull has impressed with his excellent daughter development. She is extremely open and angular with an exceptional mammary system, showing how Baroque can make very special individuals. Baroque is both a high-fertility Repromax™ sire and delivers healthy cows that cost less, making him a highly demanded Health$mart™ sire.
  7. One of Semex's Master Series™ sires, 0200HO0113 Cedarwal Spirte, once again showed that he is a consistent breeding sire with his daughter High Point Roxie Flash VG-89-3YR-CAN. A tremendous dairy individual, she showed how Spirte sires some of the most angular cows in the breed, with exceptional udder and bone quality. With thousands of daughters in thousands of herds worldwide, this 99% reliability sire showed that he can deliver and please dairymen worldwide.
  8. 0200HO01861 Jerland Denison had a new daughter on display this year. Conlee Denison Heidi VG-85-3YR-CAN is a true powerhouse of a cow. She showed how Denison sires strength and capacity, while not sacrificing dairy quality and delivers great udders made to hold large volumes of milk.
  9. A pair of daughters from an August new release sire 0200HO00393 Rietben Tee Off made an appearance in this year's Walk of Fame. Perchlane Tee Off 561 VG-85-2YR-CAN and Florbril Tee Off Wonderful GP-83-2YR-CAN showed why Tee Off is one of the highest type bulls in the breed at +16 Conf, +16 Mammary System and +13 Feet & Legs. Tall, long and dairy, with exceptional feet and legs and quality udders, these are cows that stand out and caught the eyes of many guests all week long. Like his sire Titanic, Tee Off delivers elite conformation with pleasing production and is a high fertility Repromax™ sire.
  10. Phillhaven Final Cut Britany VG-86-2YR-CAN and Quality Final Cut Fiscoe demonstrated 0200HO03280 Gillette Final Cut's elite breeding pattern and created a lot of excitement. As a sire of quality udders, dairy strength and tremendous uniformity, these two cows were excellent examples of Final Cut's growing popularity. As a Health$mart™ sire breeders can also expect Final Cut to sire daughters that are the most valuable and profitable cows on the dairy. Final Cut's daughters also excel in Herd Life, have low Somatic Cell Scores and are easy calving.

The Semex Walk of Fame is always a popular attraction at the Royal Winter Fair, and with these great daughters on display, visitors were quick to comment that Semex sires were the best in their herds and were truly working everywhere!